Bingbon pays from 3% to 32.5% of the fee of each user you bring and has a six-level referral program.

How does a six-level referral program work?

You have invited Alex. Alex invited Anna. Anna invited Mike. Mike invited John. John invited Lisa. Lisa invited Andrew.

In this scheme, you’ll receive from 3% to 32.5% of the fee of all users: Alex, Anna, Mike, John, Lisa and Andrew.

It’s very simple to advertise Bingbon since the platform supports the function of copying orders of the best traders and even those who don’t understand anything in trading can use the exchange.

In addition, the exchange has a license to work in the USA and therefore you can attract users even from there.

If you’re the owner of a cryptocurrency Telegram channel, Youtube channel or website, contact us and we’ll immediately provide you with the most favorable conditions for cooperation:

The head of Coindar and co-founder of Colibri Group — Yan Khavansky is the CVO at Bingbon Russia and you can always contact him if you had any questions.

The head of the Colibri Group and co-founder of Coindar — Nik Anikin is the CCO at Bingbon Russia and you can also contact him with any questions.