Cropcoin CROP

0.000006020 BTC
0.050629000 USD
0.043075074 EUR
1h -3.97%
24h -8.18%
7d -57.98%
Trade volume (24 h)
1.83 BTC
15,435.3 USD
13,126.33 EUR
General information
Algorithm N/A
Proof type N/A
Supply 15440900
Cropcoin is listed on CryptoBridge$11.8K CoinExchange$4.27K Near the exchange name you can see a Cropcoin volume for the last 24 hours

Cropcoin Events on the chart

16 May 2018, Wednesday

Cropcoin CROP
05/16/2018T00:0005/17/2018T00:00UTCCropcoin: New Wallet
Event added 21 day ago. Changing the price after adding the event:
1 hour 7.58%
2 days 7.57%
Now -84.55%
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