For cryptocurrencies

If you're an official representative of cryptocurrency, we are proud to offer you an opportunity to open your branch on Coindar. You will be able to share information about your company with the wide range of crypto-enthusiasts.

What can an official representative of cryptocurrency do?

— Edit information about cryptocurrency, to keep it in date. Publish an information about following events, connected to cryptocurrency.
— Everyday Coindar visit tens of thousands of people and their number grows exponentially. Every event will be translated to all languages, supported by Coindar. Almost no one visited your last meetup? Coindar will help with it!

How to become an official representative?

Create an account on
Go to settings and connect your profile with official cryptocurrency twitter account. System will identify your coin and will give you special permissions.

How to add a new cryptocurrency to Coindar?

E-mail us.

Have any questions?

We are ready to answer them and accept your offers.

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