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5 months ago
@sahil150296 Please do not respond to any tweets asking you to mail to random email IDs. They are scammers impersonating as Bitbns team.
5 months ago
Here’s How We Got Better This January! 👇 #Cryptocurrency #blockchain
दीप शेखर
@bitbns I am not able to login in bitbns account. I have lost my mobile so lost Google authenticator.
5 months ago
@deshsinghal Please DM us so that we can verify your identity and disable 2FA accordingly.
Anish Zaman
@bitbns What's up with your website< nothing working properly? I checked the app,mobile site as well as the pc site, nothing working properly, anything wrong? #Crypto
5 months ago
@1anishZ We had a unscheduled maintenance of our website. All issues has been fixed now. In case any issues, kindly raise a ticket with screenshot.
5 months ago
The Bitbns-Dash Trade Contest is Back! Find Out More Details 👇 #Dash #crypto
5 months ago
@MXinfin The withdrawal depends on so many factors, mainly the peer to peer rating. If you have any issues, kindly let us know so that we can assist you accordingly.
5 months ago
@Vijay2826 Kindly do not respond to anyone asking you to mail to random email IDS. They are scammers pretending to be from our team. You have already cancelled that withdrawal and INR have been reverted back to your wallet.
Sahil Gaikwad
@bitbns 162638
5 months ago
@sahil150296 We have forwarded your issue to the concerned team.
5 months ago
@sahil150296 Please let us know your user ID.
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