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@wavesplatform Does binance support this airdrop?
2 months ago
@zhengrunf @zhengrunf Hello. Which airdrop you mean?
Rudne perillo
@wavesplatform why i can't trade with usd?
2 months ago
@RudnePerillo @RudnePerillo Hello. Please create a ticket to our support team:
Михаил Брикман (Misha)
@wavesplatform Непонятная цифра. Можете объяснить что это?
2 months ago
@MikhailBrikman Здравствуйте, это среднее значение, соответсвующее количеству VST за каждый токен WCT или WAVES на балансе вашего Waves кошелька, на 14 марта. Значене динамичное и будет меняться с ростом участников, а именно WAVES/WCT на Waves DEX при каждом снимке.
2 months ago
@Eradinotte Hello, the start of the airdrop is planned for the beginning of April. Please stay tuned.
2 months ago
@olezhkant Hi again, Oleg. The MainNet for sure.
@wavesplatform @SlavTim @olezhkant @itsme_anne11 @dawinchi_0 @gbindinazeez @NightStranger25 @misbahcs @_jukik_ @projomojo @filcessia Follow all instruction but now win , those are win i see them what they did and i am tweet also tag friends also retweet but not win
2 months ago
@LORDSTYLE007 Hello, not sure it is possible, as the winners were chosen automatically. Do not feel bad for being not among these 10 lucky persons. Just stay tuned for new Waves activities.
2 months ago
@olezhkant Hello, you were supposed to get DM with the request for your Waves address. Please follow all the instructions specified in it.
@wavesplatform When is the #vstdrop?
2 months ago
@SatosiMr2 Hello, the start of the airdrop is planned for the beginning of April.
2 months ago
2 months ago
And the Winners of Waves #Web30 Giveaway are: @SlavTim @olezhkant @itsme_anne11 @dawinchi_0 @gbindinazeez @NightStranger25 @misbahcs @_jukik_ @projomojo @filcessia Keep an eye on your inbox! We will DM you soon! $WAVES #web3 #wavesplatform
@wavesplatform please add Italian language🇮🇹 #Waves #Btc #Wallet #Cryptospace
2 months ago
@9_MCMXCIX_9 Hello. Our team is working hard to add more languages to the Waves Mobile Apps and Italian is one of them for sure.
2 months ago
Check out how you can combine #Waves’ smart accounts and smart assets to build financial apps and instruments — including options, futures, subscription fees, deposits and corporate voting! $WAVES #wavesplatform #web3
@wavesplatform I am looking for the contract data from waves to integrate in my trust wallet. Can sombody help me?
2 months ago
@wauze3 Hello. You can get acquainted with Waves Smart Contracts by reading our official documentation: Feel free to ask all questions via the following source: and don't forget to attach wavesplatform tag
Don ₿u₿la
@MrZee506 @wavesplatform is too late to send my waves to the wallet?
2 months ago
@BublaRM @MrZee506 Greetings. Daily snapshots will take place until April 1. So, you still have time to become eligible for the upcoming distribution of Vostok but being based on your averaged balance, you will get less than users who started to hold their $WAVES or $WCT assets from February 1.
2 months ago
The RIDE language will soon be getting a huge update! Watch our teaser trailer about the brand new features and improvements that are on the way. #waves #wavesplatform #web3 $WAVES
The Crypto
@wavesplatform please what the meaning of the small percentage % sign at the front of some of my token logos? Expecially my organic token
2 months ago
@thecrypto2 Greetings. Sponsored assets can be identified by having % in their logo as mentioned on your screenshot above.
@wavesplatform Is there a way to send mass transaction with description like so?: Address1, Amount1, Description1 Address2, Amount2, Description2
2 months ago
@btcchip Hello! You can use only 1 description. For more information -
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