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2 months ago
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@Bitstamp Honestly this is none of your business. Your job is to CYA on KYC and match trades, not to interrogate customers about their finances.
2 months ago
@BashCo_ We understand this may come as an inconvenience, however we willingly implemented an AML/CFT policy comparable to the Financial industry’s standards as a manifestation of Bitstamp's proactive approach towards compliance and transparency.
Marc C
@Bitstamp Correction: "IOU's can be used to transfer value globally" should be "IOU's can be used to transfer value globally between accounts on the SAME gateway"
2 months ago
@marccwr IOUs ultimately need to be redeemed at the issuing gateway, but can be used to transfer value between ripple wallets from the point they're created until redeemed.
2 months ago
FOLLOW THE LINE: Ripple Gateways and IOUs 📜 #cryptobasics #Ripple
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