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Julio Cesar Chevel E
@Poloniex @cosmos Cambiar a español Good evening, I need help to login to my poloniex account, I lost my device and I do not have how to authenticate 2FA. Please, thank you, my account email is Thank you
2 months ago
@juliochevel Thanks for reaching out! Please create a ticket via our Support Center so we can reset your 2FA securely:
2 months ago
GRIN deposits and withdrawals are now enabled. Thank you for your patience.
2 months ago
GRIN wallets have been disabled for maintenance. We will provide an update here when the wallets have been reopened.
2 months ago
Grin withdrawals are now live and we’ve made our first monthly donation—1.27864 BTC—to the @grinMW General Fund. #grin #mimblewimble Read more here:
@cosmos when atom will be available for trading on @Poloniex ?
2 months ago
@extremepawel Thanks for reaching out. ATOM will be available for trading after the Cosmos network enables transferability and the network is considered secure. We'll be sure to let all customers know when it is! Stay tuned.
@Poloniex Why blocked a verified account 4 months there is no entrance ? Who owns the exchange ?
2 months ago
@aleksandrtulenk Thanks for reaching out! So we can best assist, please provide your ticket number so we can investigate your issue further. As soon as we have an update, we will follow up with you via that ticket
varun goyal
@Poloniex In How much time you approve accounts after accepting documents?
2 months ago
@ervarungoyal Thanks for reaching out. Verification timeframes vary depending on a number of factors such as the quality of the images we receive, and how quick we receive the images. If you need assistance with verification, please open a support ticket.
abdullah aydın
@Poloniex # 1120587 reported 2 months ago Hello poloniex; I pulled money from my bitcoin account from binance on 25.10.2018 and sent it to my poloniex deposit account but still no deposit is visible in my deposit account. Could you please help?
2 months ago
@abdulla37323663 Thanks for reaching out! We have responded to you via your ticket. If you could please follow up with us via your open case, we can investigate your deposit further.
@Poloniex @cosmos when we can buy it in poloniex
2 months ago
@javven3 Thanks for reaching out! Currently only ICO participants can view their balance on Poloniex. Once the Cosmos network votes to enable transferability/tradeability, customers will be able to redeem their Atoms on Poloniex and start trading immediately.
karthik e
@Poloniex @anders94 What is the average time to resolve ticket ??
2 months ago
@kartheek_321 Thanks for reaching out! Resolution timeframes can be dependent on the nature of the ticket. If you have an open ticket, please provide us with the case number and we will be happy to look into it for you.
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