Soft fork

Soft fork is any software change that is backward compatible. Unreleased nodes will still view new transactions to be valid.

During October 2017

ArtByte ABY

Segwit activation

Event added 3 months ago
10/01/2017T00:00 11/01/2017T00:00 UTC ArtByte: Segwit activation

12 December 2017, Tuesday

Peercoin PPC

Soft Fork

Event added 2 months ago
12/12/2017T03:40 UTC Peercoin: Soft Fork

5 January 2018, Friday

Espers ESP

Soft Fork

Event added 21 day ago
01/05/2018T00:00 01/06/2018T00:00 UTC Espers: Soft Fork

13 January 2018, Saturday

Myriad XMY

SegWit Activation

Event added 9 days ago
01/13/2018T00:00 01/14/2018T00:00 UTC Myriad: SegWit Activation

31 January 2018, Wednesday

Soft Fork

Event added 6 days ago
01/31/2018T20:00 UTC FlutterCoin: Soft Fork

During January 2018

Litecoin LTC

Soft Fork

Event added 15 days ago
01/01/2018T00:00 02/01/2018T00:00 UTC Litecoin: Soft Fork
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