Swap - the process of exchanging an old token (a smart-contract on the Ethereum blockchain) for a new one. It allows developpers to re-write smart-contract, add some changes and correct the existing flaws (infinite minting for example)

27 August 2018, Monday

08/27/2018T00:0008/28/2018T00:00UTCNetwork Token: Token Swap
Event added 18 days ago.

31 August 2018, Friday

Nullex NLX
08/31/2018T00:0009/01/2018T00:00UTCNullex: Coin Swap End
Event added 17 days ago.
EagleCoin EAGLE
08/31/2018T00:0009/01/2018T00:00UTCEagleCoin: Token Swap
Event added 26 days ago.

19 September 2018, Wednesday

EcoCoin ECO
09/19/2018T00:0009/20/2018T00:00UTCEcoCoin: EcoCoin Swap at Livecoin
Event added 16 days ago.

During 3 Quarter 2018

09/30/2018T00:0010/01/2018T00:00UTCREBL: Token Swap
Event added 1 month ago.
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