Network updates, protocol activation, small application improvements etc.

30 July 2018, Monday

07/30/2018T00:0007/31/2018T00:00UTCBitcoin White: Creating a DAO Module
Event added 5 months ago.

During July 2018

07/01/2018T00:0008/01/2018T00:00UTCInPay: Android Wallet v2
Event added 1 month ago.

During August 2018

Wagerr WGR
08/01/2018T00:0009/01/2018T00:00UTCWagerr: Multi-User
Event added 6 months ago.
08/01/2018T00:0009/01/2018T00:00UTCCoinlancer: Enhancements
Event added 6 months ago.

During September 2018

Zcash ZEC
09/01/2018T00:0010/01/2018T00:00UTCZcash: Network Upgrate 1
Event added 7 months ago.
Wagerr WGR
09/01/2018T00:0010/01/2018T00:00UTCWagerr: In-Wallet Currency Interchange
Event added 6 months ago.

30 November 2018, Friday

11/30/2018T00:0012/01/2018T00:00UTCSuper Bitcoin: Remove Dynamic Checkpoint Protection
Event added 5 months ago.
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