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Conferencia Blockchain & Bitcoin en Ginebra, Suiza

02/21/2018T08:00 UTC Bitcoin: Conferencia Blockchain & Bitcoin en Ginebra, Suiza
Comienza en febrero 21, miércoles 8:00
Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Switzerland to discuss investments in tokens, global value of blockchain and its legal status

The key speakers of the international conference to be held in Geneva on February 21 will be experts from Switzerland. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland is dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and investments in digital assets. It is will be attended by more than 300 participants from different countries.

Legislative regulation remains a critical question for digital currencies and blockchain. Has your blockchain company thought about international tax compliance yet? This question will be answered by Peter Mitchell and Christopher Murrer (Switzerland). The experts are the Associates at Baker & McKenzie Zurich and specialize in international taxation.

ICO is a hotly debated issue associated with blockchain. Will cryptocurrency crowdsales keep their popularity in 2018 and if yes, which strategies for raising funds will be the most effective? The ICO topic at the conference will be covered by an expert from Malta Jan Sammut, ICO advisor (“10 Steps to launching a successful ICO”) and Swiss blockchain enthusiast Gavin Smith, CEO of First Global Credit and AICoin. Mr. Sammut, CEO of two successful blockchain companies and cryptocurrency investor, will share practical advice on attracting capital. And Mr. Smith will express his point of view on investing in startups in the future.

The global aspect of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is a topic to be covered by the participants as well. Experts from Switzerland Douglas Azar, CEO at Wealthinitiative (“Non-bankable asset tokenization, a new horizon for wealth management”) and Enrique Melero, Senior Consultant at Helvetia Fintech (“The Blockchain Economy”) will focus their reports on this very issue. Both experts have extensive experience in banking and finance, and have been involved in the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrency for the past few years.
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