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UBTC Airdrop a los titulares de ETH

03/11/2018T00:00 03/12/2018T00:00 UTC Ethereum: UBTC Airdrop a los titulares de ETH
Comienza en marzo 11, domingo
The UBTC airdrop for ETH holders will start on February 11, 2018 and run for 48 months (until January 11, 2022). The block-height of the ETH snapshot will be the block at 12:00 UTC on the 11th day of each month. ETH holders can register their ETH addresses to claim UBTC on Only ETH addresses registered there will be eligible for UBTC distribution. The ratio of ETH: UBTC will be 200:1 of 1/48th of the balance at the time of the relevant snapshot. For example, the amount of UBTC to receive if you’re holding 200 ETH will be 0.0208 UBTC that month (UBTC = ETH/200/48). If the next month you’re holding 400 ETH, you will receive 0.04166666 UBTC. If you’re holding less, the amount of UBTC you receive is pro-rata.
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Algoritmo: Ethash
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Circulating supply: 100732628
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918 392
Pant4 meses hace.
А куда начисляться то будут? Я эфир храню на Блокчейн инфо
user3673684 meses hace.
OuChi4 meses hace.
Для подтверждения нужно отправить чутка эфира
Alex3188294 meses hace.
valliv4 meses hace.
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