10 hours ago
there is a large-scale update of the platform core so there may be temporary problems with access to the Veros Wallet+
15 hours ago
hubii is proud to announce a new partnership with major crypto exchange @HitBTC, triggered by the interest in the commercially-focused scaling solution #nahmii deployed by @hubii - medium.com
3 hours ago
"YouTube Says Viewers Enjoy Pre-Roll Ads, and Will Double Them." - @FortuneTech fortune.com #Flixxo #Youtube #Ads
@flixxo what can you tell us about your “special treatment” standing at Kucoin and possible delisting? Thanks $FLIXX $KCS
14 hours ago
@Skitiger18 We have a fluid communication with @kucoincom and it is not like our token is going to be delisted. Hopefully the ST sign will be removed pretty soon.
Anton Vukic
@Bankeracom Will token holders still get 20% of net revenue from new exchange
8 hours ago
@masevisagie Yes, as @Jamolo77 mentioned, it will be
12 hours ago
The waiting is finally over: Bankera Exchange launch date has been revealed! Find out more about it in our latest blog post: blog.bankera.com
22 hours ago
As how to raise the fund for blockchain industry has been varied, an importance of active collaboration of domestic firms has been increased rather than ICO related policy. ▶ NEWS : goo.gl #blockchain #Xchain #ICO #The_Next_Document_Distribution_Platform
Stats | Main Exchanges Had a Net Inflow of 95,905 ETH Yesterday
7 hours ago
Leave your opinion and help BZlcoin become even bigger. How would you like to use BZlcoin? Deixe sua opinião e ajude a BZlcoin a se tornar ainda maior.Como você gostaria de usar o BZlcoin? goo.gl $BZL #bzlcoin #altcoins #cryptocurrency #bzlpay
The Bull 🐂
@ClearCoinHQ #xclr is the real deal!
9 hours ago
@yancy_the_bull Thx! :)
7 hours ago
We are $PAC - We are the fastest growing digital payment network of 2018. Our conferences all around the world are educating people, businesses and institutions on the benefits of a #blockchain-based payment system. A #crypto project that focuses on adoption & real world utility
14 hours ago
NEWS: $PAC Adoption in #LATAM regions continues! More merchants, more brand awareness & citizen airdrop programs are a ROARING success! An in depth look at the most recent $PAC conferences. #bitcoin #dash #blockchain #crypto #cryptocurrency #fintech bit.ly
@cosscrypto Its been 6months and im still banned on Telegram because of being worried? I made dozens of referrals but some mod got pissed over my rambling i guess. Care to unban? Cause 'lost password' option is bugged and I cant login to the site either. Thanks.
33 minutes ago
@SonderMinded If you got banned, there is a good reason for it. There is a different between rambling and hurling verbal vulgarities. Feel free to log a ticket over at cosssupport.freshdesk.com.
13 hours ago
COSS v1.2 is OFFICIALLY LIVE! $coss #coss #exchange #cryptocurrency
15 hours ago
Less than 3h to go - V1.2 launch on coss.io - mailchi.mp
16 hours ago
COSS v1.2 update: We are GO for launch in T Minus 3 Hours! medium.com $coss #coss #exchange #cryptocurrency
Jithin Davis
@cosscrypto COSS Investors are worried about only one thing, How long COSS company can run the exchange and team without much profit from exchange ? Is Singapore govenment support COSS in finance ? Ur plan to tackle current issues on crypto ? Need answers before the launch of COSS 2.0?
23 hours ago
@JithinDavis_ Nothing to worry about. We are financially stable. The very reason of launching COSS 2.0 is to be able to handle more volume and also additional features for our users. In regards to Singapore government, we don't know what you are trying to ask.
Heidi Hecht
@dether_io Brazilian is a language?
14 hours ago
@HeidiSHecht Sim-Brazilian Portuguese 🙂 We wanted our text localization to best reflect the locations of our early adopters.
14 hours ago
A lack of translated materials is a major hurdle to #crypto #massadoption-let's change that! The Dether website and app are now available in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian! 🇪🇸🇧🇷🇷🇺 Learn about the new language settings✨bit.ly
5 hours ago
We're now cruising in the 14th ERA of the $WEB & getting closer to unveiling the 2nd project. Were finding new #inspiration daily and #Webchainers will NOT be let down rest assured 😊. #Crypto #SmartContracts #Javascript #Mining #Bitcoin #EthereumClassic #Ethereum #coinIMP
48 minutes ago
ILCOIN CRYPTO REVIEW youtu.be vía @YouTube
23 hours ago
Our exchange sites. Let’s continue growing!
16 hours ago
An actually interesting use of #blockchain that already exists and is not just #gambling or #investing primas.io
16 hours ago
#Mastenode reward is 22.5 Urals. Next increase to 25 #Urals will be at 16-17 December. #uralscoin #uralsmasternode #passiveincome #mn #uralsmn
14 hours ago
Newton Coin Project is now on Blockfolio Signal! @blockfolio medium.com #NCP #Crypto #cryptocurrency #Blockfolio #BlockfolioSignal
"Less is more". #selfsovereign #identity ensures a secure framework for #digitalidentity and is the future medium.com
16 hours ago
Staking ITT tokens is now live! Get access to the Pro plan for the Intelligent Trading Bot by holding ITT tokens in your wallet. See how it works: youtu.be #ITT #staking #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptotrading #BTC #ETH
19 hours ago
At #Herotoken, we are building a product that will change the lives of millions of people for the better. We wanted to share an article explaining crypto benefits: www.raconteur.net Want to know more about how we will change the world? Email - hello@herotoken.io
LOL hid a small easter egg for the @enjin community and it was found within seconds during the premiere www.youtube.com
10 hours ago
@boxmining Are you really surprised?! 🕵️‍♂️
12 hours ago
Watch @boxmining's video featuring Enjin Beam now! He has something special in store for you. twitter.com
@enjin I saw a video about gamers selling game items ..back in 2006 ..how does enjin improve this type of trade or should I say why does a gamer need enjin to sell an item if they were already doing it
13 hours ago
@Snoopy4599 Blockchain-based gaming items that players truly own are a whole different ball game. Here are a couple good reads: blog.enjincoin.io & blog.enjincoin.io
Imagine... ...that every game has real-life value ...true ownership of #gaming items ...eradicating grey market trading ...leveling your character through multiple games ...protection from scammers and hackers It's all possible with #EnjinCoin. youtu.be
This is your last chance to win the @Bloodygaming B740 Lightstrike Keyboard and TL80 Terminator Mouse!! The Bounty Hunt starts in just 1 hour! Learn more here: fb.io @FirstBloodPUBG #PUBG
Not Much Time Left to Claim the #1 Spot! Join HERE: fb.io #F1rstBlood #BattleTime
First week of bitcointalk bounties ended, 2 week started
21 hours ago
Jean-Eric was nominated by racing fans and was up against some very well-known names such as five-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel and Scott Dixon. blog.dragon.online
18 hours ago
EdJoWa - Erklärvideos auf dich abgestimmt!: youtu.be über @YouTube
11 hours ago
Our Sri Lanka Branch is working hard to help you prosper! Give us a call and get status of your loan approval within 24 hours: +94117230240 #micromoney #micromoneyloan
16 hours ago
[NEW BLOG] @IsabelleNoMercy Shares all her General Tips on Bluffing in this Weeks NoMercy Monday Strategy Series! Any Questions you want to ask her? Ask in the Comments! Blog Post 👉 bit.ly 👈 #poker #onlinepoker
13 hours ago
Founding Node update: shipping now fully underway with batches being collected from our London facility from today via @ups. Winners, stand by for tracking details...
11 hours ago
$MOIN/$BTC | Livecoin | Cryptopia | NovaExchange #bitcoin #btc #ethereum #cryptocurrency #crypto #blockchain #криптовалюта
14 hours ago
$MOIN [02/10/17] Fortnightly Update - www.reddit.com #BTC #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency #crypto #blockchain #криптовалюта
15 hours ago
Dear #Feeders we are upgrading the speed of our platform over the next couple of days. Expect some disruption, especially on desktop.
7 hours ago
Altproof - our document authentication dapp #althash #htmlcoin #dapp #HTML #Blockchain
16 hours ago
The Blockport Voting Contest is live! Vote on which coin you want to see listed next and win up to 2k BPT. Good luck blog.blockport.io @eth_classic @monero @StellarOrg @Dashpay @DeepBrainChain @electroneum @go_chain @thekeyvip $ETC $XRM $XLM $DASH $DBC $GO $TKY
14 hours ago
If you didn't know - now you know. How location data tracking has become universal, made visible by @nytimes. Powerful and important reflection on the state of #privacy www.nytimes.com
13 hours ago
We’re thrilled to announce that Apple has chosen to feature #Augmentors game on iOS @AppStore! V1.0.9 is ready for download, so get it now & join the Augmentors’ Leagues.#AR #mobilegame #indiegame
14 hours ago
Modock is one of the many Augmentors that was called to war in the Northern Planes on the arrival of Dark Rhule. Whilst he stands in a neutral position on the war, he is a mighty foe not to be toyed with. #mobilegame #indiegame #AR sketchfab.com
17 hours ago
The year is coming to an end soon. Reflecting on 2018, creating the #AugmentorsTrailer earlier this year was one of our highlights. In case you haven't seen it, check it out here www.youtube.com #mobilegame #indiegame #AR
18 hours ago
Augmentors is listed as one of the Top 5 Blockchain Games Everyone is Talking About, according to @Pentoz2 : www.pentoz.com #augmentors #mobilegame #indiegame #AR
7 hours ago
The ionomy.com team is proud to announce that the #masternode coin of @MasterNodesPro ($MNP) is now being hosted at ionomy and being traded at the ionomy exchange! For more info: news.ionomy.com #hosting #trading #crypto #ionomy
@YeeToken great!!
@leoyu0621 Thanks, stay tuned. We have more to offer =)
Raphaël Bloch
Pourquoi la création de Napoleon AM (@NapoleonXai) est une grosse news ? 1 - C'est la 1ère société de gestion française 100% crypto 2 - Elle a été financée par une ICO (10 millions d'euros) 3 - L'AMF a donné son feu vert www.lesechos.fr via @LesEchos #bitcoin #ether
11 hours ago
@Bloch_R @LesEchos On est fier du travail accompli ! Merci à @LesEchos pour leur couverture et à notre communauté pour son soutien et son engagement sans faille !
@NapoleonXai Congratulations! 🤵
15 hours ago
@sesamm_inside Thanks a lot @sesamm_inside ! We're glad to offer your sentiment analysis solution "L'humeur des marchés" on our platform www.napoleonx.ai !
Token 8
@NapoleonXai @LesEchos Félicitations à toute l’équipe 👍🍾🚀
18 hours ago
@Token_8 @LesEchos Merci ! 🥂
@LesEchos c’est quoi napoleon am ? une nouvelle banque ?
18 hours ago
@RayanPellegrini @LesEchos Napoleon AM est une société de gestion spécialisée dans les stratégies quantitatives, notamment sur les #crypto. C'est une filiale de Napoleon Crypto qui est à l'origine du projet napoleonx.ai
Les Echos
Cryptomonnaies : l'AMF donne son feu vert pour la création de Napoleon AM trib.al
18 hours ago
@LesEchos Merci à @LesEchos pour votre article ! Nous sommes fiers d'être des pionniers en ce domaine et des jalons franchis depuis l'ICO. Un grand merci également à notre communauté pour son soutien sans faille 💪 et à l'AMF pour le travail accompli sur ce dossier !
18 hours ago
We're honored to be featured in @LesEchos, the leading economic newspaper in France! Read the story to learn more about the first regulated Asset Manager expert on crypto solutions in France! 🇫🇷👇 www.lesechos.fr
21 hours ago
Curecoin 2.0 Proof-of-Stake version Hardfork update twitter.com
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