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User Odrowonz has created a library for .NET developers
LastEvents (Limit)
Returns all events sorted by the date they were added to in reverse order. The last events are returned first.
Limit (optional) — the maximum number of events to return
Example 2 — the last event added to Coindar
Sample response
"caption": "Masternode Reward Increasing to 45 proc.",
"proof": "",
"caption_ru": "Вознаграждение увеличится на 45 процентов",
"proof_ru": "",
"public_date": "2017-10-19 10:13",
"start_date": "2017-10",
"end_date": "",
"coin_name": "ChainCoin",
"coin_symbol": "CHC"

caption — event caption
proof — link to event information
caption_ru — event caption in Russian
proof_en — link to event information in Russian
public_date — publication date on the site

All dates are in accordance with the UTC standard and are presented in the format «yyyy-mm-dd HH: MM»

start_date — start date of the event

If the event time is unknown, it will be returned in the format «yyyy-mm-dd». If only a month is known, then «yyyy-mm»

end_date — end date of the event
coin_name — name of the coin
coin_symbol — abbreviated name of the coin
coinEvents (Name)
Returns events associated with a particular coin. Events are returned in the order similar to lastEvents.
Name — coin name
Events (Year, Month, Day)
Returns all events for a specific month or day
Year — events for the specified year will be returned
Month — events for the specified month will be returned
Day (optional) — events for the specified day will be returned
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