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Crex 24
16 hours ago
@Crex_24 @AryacoinAYA What is your listing price for btc pair?
3 hours ago
@AiryOrange We have one now 😉
@AdeldMeyer @DAPScoin You go girl!
10 hours ago
@SherwinH86 @AdeldMeyer Your @get_delta should be activated now.
@SSBH15 @DAPScoin @actorGaryGraham What presence? No disrespect to the guy but daps has 5x the presence that this dude has.
Tawhida Tanni (ONI)
@CoinBene Where are scean this code
1 hour ago
@RahmanAron on the poster
18 hours ago
Unbelievable ‼ Scan the code to get 10 BTC 🤑🤑 #contracts #futures #bitcoin #crypto
20 hours ago
In response to the recommendations of CoinBeners, and to promote the stability of #CONI value, CoinBene decided to initiate token buy-back program. The number of #CONI destroyed this time are 400 million. #CONI #CONI #CONI 🚀🚀🚀
11 hours ago
Automation is a chance - and we should be excited about it! Well said @AOC #MODyoursupplychain #modum #automation #sxsw
21 hours ago
Happy #Thursday! 😊 Make sure you catch up on our latest press releases, articles, wallet updates, and more on #Everus Media site: #ThursdayThoughts #news #cryptocurrency #btc #ltc #media #updates #CryptoTwitter
17 hours ago
Wie gewohnt bekommt ihr kurz vorm Wochenende auch heute wieder die Top-News der letzten Woche von uns. 📲💻
Campus Blockchain Hackathon - KADUNA. Apply here: Award Prize: Winning Team: N100,000, PLUS: other Prizes from IBM to Second and Third place.
13 hours ago
@APompliano It’s the “insane” people who cause disruption and change the world not the sane.
6 hours ago
@vernam79 @APompliano So true ;)
12 hours ago
Interested in learning more about the #DAOstack project? Join our community on Discord:
alex conway 🇿🇦
Super proud of @richardcraib , @tasha_jade , @JonathanSidego and team - super inspiring. The future will be tokenized 🎉
ѕɪᴅ ѕʜᴇᴋʜᴀʀ
@AriannaSimpson @etiennebru @numerai Sure - but still depends on the total amount of NMR staked for each round right?
3 hours ago
@sidshekhar24 @AriannaSimpson @etiennebru For NMR, trading volumes or calls to transfer() aren't as valuable as the number of stakes which has cyclical elements due to data scientists burning lots of NMR when their models perform badly at the same time. Also Erasure hasn't even launched bro 😂. (nice website design btw)
10 hours ago
Numerai just raised $11million from Placeholder and Paradigm
Five Keys to Unlock the Doors to #Blockchain | Blockchain 101 🔑 . . Read more here 👉 #cryptocurrency #cobinhood #satoshinakamoto
This is an ongoing issue. If any band can get things changed with ticket sales it's @Metallica Metallica Fans Furious After Bots Allegedly Snatch Up Thousands Of Tickets | Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show | Q104.3
8 hours ago
@TheRealTurbo @Metallica Blockchain ticketing is the key
8 hours ago
@AndrewMagnotta We read your article about bots snatching up Metallica tix. Let us know if you would like to chat about how technology could have prevented this.
11 hours ago
On a scale of 1-10....
13 hours ago
#TodayInConcertHistory (1961) The Beatles played their first ever evening show at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, supporting The Swinging Bluegenes
12 hours ago
continue to reward musicians who share their photos with MMV2. Soon the program will expand to all users...
Musicoin Greece
Musicoin app V 2.0.1 is here.... Listen to your favorite music anywhere you are and share... #musicoinmobileapp #musicoin #MusicoinAOW
12 hours ago
@MusicoinGreece as promised, 1000 $MUSIC rewarded
Fast Company
A group of music publishers have sued Peloton and are seeking more than $150 million in damages
12 hours ago
@FastCompany @onepeloton should work with $MUSIC to provide free music with guilt-free
@musicoinpool This scam finally seems to be offline...150$ blown away...what a great project @musicoins...bad you support this
19 hours ago
@kaese2002 @musicoinpool never a fan of fake
Happy to share more invitations to experience music on #blockchain:
Happy Birthday, Mr. Bach. 'Johann Sebastian Bach (?), Jesu meine Freude, BWV Anh. II 58' by @Jongbloed_Auke on #musicoin #blockchain $MUSIC
Arlan 👊🏾
Brand new podcast episode! Hear how I plan to scale back my administrative duties and focus more on what I love most: working side by side with our founders!
@ArlanWasHere lovely piece.
Brian Armstrong
Coinbase Custody continues to add new assets as well, fairly quick turn around based on client interest. Let us know what you'd like to see next.
14 hours ago
16 hours ago
ivendPay presented the ivendPay mPOS terminal, with $GRS support, at the Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019! Here's a video showing a fast payment with Groestlcoin $GRS! More about @ivendpay:
18 hours ago
Groestlcoin $GRS is now listed on DigiFinex - @digifinex! GRS-BTC: GRS-ETH: DigiFinex is holding a trading competition with a total prize of 20,000 $GRS! More info here:
5 hours ago
❇️ $EXRN Contribution Price Discount! 🌐 Use to buy from the team with discount and register to receive 10x bigger $EXRT allocations each quarter.
@Ravencoin I heard $rvn going dpos with vote system? Is this true? @Ravencoin
2 hours ago
@CWietje No way
2 hours ago
Jason A. Williams 🦍
Ravencoin still doesn’t give af about the price of BTC. 📈
3 hours ago
@JWilliamsFstmed @BitcoinBroski Ravens never care about price. We are all busy building.
Brad Mills [🔑]
I feel very conflicted over Ravencoin, Tzero, Patrick Byrne, Medici & Overstock. I thought they were "Bitcoiners” but it seems they are “blockchainers” I don't know how to feel about this as a libertarian Bitcoin maximalist who has looked up to Byrne previously. Podcast ep? 🤔
3 hours ago
@bradmillscan Come try a wallet. Run a node. Talk. Have fun. You’ll love it. RVN isn’t Bitcoin but it isn’t supposed to be. RVN isn’t money. It’s designed to make it easy for users to issue secure assets. No ico, no fundraise, no founders coins, no premine. What’s not to love?
4 hours ago
Sure, glancing at the charts is fun. Know what’s even more fun? Running a wallet. That’s fhe real fun.
7 hours ago
Built on Raven!!
$rvn l24hr accelerating @BittrexExchange more than 3x next BTC pairing Looking forward to usd pairing like @vertbase enabled
9 hours ago
@EddieD92190900 @APompliano Good guy that Pomp fellow, securities tokens and such. Good wisdom. Kaw. 15/10
Interesting to see where $RVN will go. Sold my leftover bag at 880 sats. Could see this go to 1400 sats before a retrace based on previous $ ATH. Made a nice 2x overall on this so can't complain.
9 hours ago
@debaas Yeah but u missed out on the fun It’s okay, turn on a miner and download a wallet The Chat channels are open You are welcome back 🤗
9 hours ago
Bring. The. Internet. #RVNPEACECORPS
12 hours ago
Just because everyone mining makes it hard...doesn’t mean it’s any less cool! 😎 Mining is helps secure the network. It’s fun too! Watching mining software work the first time is like a good movie!❤️ Like a futuristic chainsaw! ⚡️Only it cuts up hashes not wood! Try it! 🚀
Project Raven / RVN / Ravencoin
@brian_armstrong Hi Brian! We don’t have any officials or marketing folks who are going to reach out to you ...but Raven is decentralized, fully open source No ICO, no fundraise Fair launch POW Code fork of Bitcoin Use case is tokens with over 18,000 created High volume Solid volunteer dev team
13 hours ago
@brian_armstrong Oh and PS, thanks for all the adoption with the Bitcoin and such ❤️
$RVN is blowing with the wings of the $BTC storm. It is a beautiful sight. @Ravencoin @CryptoGodfatha
13 hours ago
@SuwitPark @CryptoGodfatha its like a tiny open source tugboat tryin to help pull the crypto iceberg to the sun
13 hours ago
Education is key!
14 hours ago
⛏Crypto Christopher Walken⛏
Today in crypto: $RVN
14 hours ago
@cryptochrisw That’s every day!
12 hours ago
Yet another reassurance that crypto is the future 🚀📈🔗 #newton #crypto #invest #future #NCP #blockchain #environment $Bitcoin $litecoin $newton
9 hours ago
Our Livestream with CoreTeam will start shortly on YouTube:
9 hours ago
Our Livestream with CoreTeam will start shortly on YouTube:
11 hours ago
Dear community, our Livestream will start in about 1 hour. Take a break, bring a beer and join us! Link will be sent few minutes before stream.
5 hours ago
Today we are standing with all of those affected by the attack in Christchurch a week ago. As-salamu alaykum, Peace be upon you. #KiaKahaChristchurch
@pchain_org You guys have always kept your promises! There needs to be more projects like you!
2 hours ago
@SydneyCrypto24 thanks :)
2 hours ago
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