What is Envelop?

ENVELOP — flexible cross-chain tool set enabling NFTs with new functionality: economic set-up, onchain royalties, non-pledge rental mechanism, time/value /event-locks, protection of devaluation and anti-fraud system.

What is wNFT?

The wNFT is a wrapped token compatible with NFT standards and powered with additional functionality by ENVELOP. The prize wNFTs will be locked for 3 months. During this time, you will be able to trade them on any marketplaces, while unwrapping will not be available. After the lockup period ends, the current owner will be able to unwrap the wNFT, take out the collateral, and use it as they will, e.g., trade, send to liquidity pools, stake, or become a DAO member.

Envelop announces a quiz on knowledge of its solution:

If you answer the questions about Envelop correctly, you will participate in a lottery in which you can win cash prizes. If you don’t know anything about Envelop yet, you can use the tips.

100 lucky ones who answer all questions correctly will get 2000 NIFTSY each!