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Newdex Quiz

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What is Newdex?

Newdex is the world’s largest EOS based Decentralized Exchange, which is developed and operated by Newdex Inc. With free flow of digital assets as mission, Newdex continues to explore the "multi-chain and cross-chain" decentralized trading model. Upholding the characteristics of safe, fast and transparent, Newdex is devoted to creating a new-generation digital assets trading platform, opening a new era of decentralized trading.

To celebrate the Synopsis 2021 Summit, Newdex is launching a technology quiz:

If you answer the questions about Newdex correctly, you will participate in a lottery in which you can win cash prizes. If you don't know anything about Newdex yet, you can use the tips.

10 lucky ones who answer all questions correctly will get 3.4 EOS each!

Winners will be announced during the Synopsis 2021 Summit.

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क्विज़ में 569 भागीदार ने भाग लिया था, 128 भागीदार के प्रश्नों का सही उत्तर दिया। विजेताओं को रैंडम रूप से उन लोगों में से चुना गया जिन्होंने सही उत्तर दिए।

3.4 EOS
3.4 EOS
3.4 EOS
3.4 EOS
3.4 EOS
3.4 EOS
3.4 EOS
3.4 EOS
3.4 EOS
3.4 EOS

What’s the type of Newdex?

Contract Exchange
Centralized Exchange
Decentralized Exchange
Hash Power Asset Exchange

According to Newdex Whitepaper V2.0, on which chain will the new version of Newdex be developed in Q3?


What will Newdex token be renamed?


What trading feature was open by Newdex on January in 2021?

Contract transaction
FIAT transaction
AMM Swap transaction
Aggregating transaction

Which of the following is not on the development plan in Newdex2.0?

Develop AMM Swap
Aggregate the depth of decentralized Exchange in multiple chains
Aggregate token information to improve decision-making efficiency
The first virtual order-book feature to improve trading experience

According to Newdex Whitepaper V2.0, which of the following is not included in the governance range of Newdex DAO?

Token aggregation rules
VIP airdrop rules
Transaction fees adjustments
Set up chain selection of product

Which of the following is not the advantage of Newdex?

On-chain transaction and on-chain settlement
Wallet authorization for login
Help users take back the private key
Successfully aggregated the depth of liquidity pools of the major Swaps on Defibox and Defis Network

What’s the long-term goal of Newdex?

Become the largest decentralized Exchange in the world
Exchange Everything On Chain
Become the Exchange that owns most trading assets
On-chain derivatives trading business

What is the login method of Newdex?

Phone number
Email address
Private key
Wallet authorization for login

What’s the ranking of Newdex in EOS BP?

Top 21
Behind 41

Which of the following is not included in burning scenarios of Newdex token NDX?

25% of Newdex token transaction fee
25% of the Newpool management fee
Creating fee for EOS account
10% of Defibox protocol revenue

According to Newdex Whitepaper V2.0, What is the swap ratio from NDX to DEX?

2017-2023 Coindar