If you’re an official representative of a cryptocurrency, we are glad to offer you an opportunity to open your virtual representative office on Coindar. You will be able to share information about your project with a wide range of crypto enthusiasts.

What can an official representative of a cryptocurrency do?

— Post information about current and upcoming cryptocurrency events. Every event is translated in all languages supported by Coindar.
— Edit information about the cryptocurrency, maintain its relevance.
— Add reports of your work or past events (using the Report tag).
— Аccompany reports and events with photo and video.
— Add links to social media. Our service automatically counts the number of community members and lists it in the social index.

Who already has their own representative office?

How to become an official representative?

Create an account on
Go to Settings and connect your profile with the official Twitter account of your cryptocurrency. Our system will identify your coin and give you special permissions. If you don’t want to connect the official Twitter account, contact us and we’ll sign you up manually.

How to add a new cryptocurrency to Coindar?

See the details here

Have any questions?

We are ready to answer them and accept your offers.

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