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Key Upgrades to Inqud’s Crypto Widget and System Announced, Enhancing Business Transaction Processes


Inqud is excited to announce significant upgrades to its Crypto Widget and system, enhancing the efficiency of cryptocurrency transactions for global businesses.These enhancements focus on optimizing cryptocurrency transactions for businesses globally, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

The Crypto Widget, essential for facilitating crypto transactions in various sectors, especially in industries like gambling where chargebacks are a major issue, has been significantly upgraded. With Inqud’s crypto widget, you can effectively manage and prevent chargebacks, helping businesses reduce costs and increase revenues. Inqud stands out with its bespoke crypto solutions, tailored specifically to each client’s needs, moving away from one-size-fits-all solutions.

Key System Updates and Their Benefits:

Inqud has streamlined the creation of its crypto widget, making it quicker and more user-friendly. Now, businesses only need to input the widget’s name and status to set it up, a change that significantly reduces the complexity and time involved in integrating crypto payments.

Additionally, Inqud has introduced an updated profile view that consolidates all widget settings in one place. This enhancement allows users to efficiently manage their widget according to their specific requirements. Furthermore, the updated system enables the direct addition of domains within the widget profile, simplifying domain management and giving businesses enhanced control over their payment gateways.

In the upcoming release, we are implementing a new design for the Inqud service, fully corresponding to our fresh corporate style.

Inqud has significantly upgraded its registration process, now facilitating independent sign-ups for both personal and business accounts with greater ease. The recent update also brings a notable enhancement to the business account verification process. Users can now smoothly complete the KYB (Know Your Business) procedures directly on the platform, streamlining the verification steps and improving user experience. On average, the full verification takes about three days.

Customization of the Main Screen:

The new update adds the ability for all users to customize their main screen, improving user experience and interface clarity.

● Selective Currency Display: Users can display only their chosen currencies for a streamlined and visually pleasing interface.

● Hiding Zero-Balance Assets

● Separated Currency Lists

● Flexible Asset Sorting: Ability to sort assets either alphabetically or by their value, aiding in easier portfolio navigation and analysis.

This all creates opportunities for our clients to work conveniently and quickly.

Expanded Reporting Functionality

Users now benefit from an expanded range of options for generating reports, including the ability to select specific currencies, statuses, and transaction types, complemented by the flexibility of choosing an unlimited date range for their reports.

Inqud has recently revamped its Profile section, dividing it into two distinct parts: “Profile” and “Settings”, to enhance user experience and organizational efficiency.

Session Duration Settings

Inqud has introduced new session duration settings, improving security and allowing for greater user customization. The default setting now automatically terminates user sessions after 30 minutes of inactivity, striking a balance between convenience and security to prevent vulnerable, open sessions. Additionally, users have the flexibility to customize their session lengths to fit their specific preferences and needs, whether they opt for shorter sessions for enhanced security or longer ones to maintain an uninterrupted workflow.

Inqud has broadened its email notification system to include crucial system alerts. This expansion covers notifications for password changes, alterations to API tokens, and updates regarding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) settings. Moreover, users will receive prompt alerts about the expiration of blockchain addresses. They also have the ability to personalize notifications for events like successful account logins, the creation of new blockchain addresses, and incoming payment transactions, with the flexibility to specify the types of notifications they receive based on specific operations.

Significant changes have been implemented in the management of crypto addresses.

The updated conditions for using blockchain addresses have greatly enhanced the overall management process. Now, each address issued remains active for one year following the last recorded activity. Addresses that show no activity over a year will automatically expire. Crucially, clients will be notified two weeks prior to an address’s expiration, as well as at the time of expiration. This ensures improved management and heightened awareness of the status of their crypto addresses.

True Name Implementation:

Inqud has introduced a thoughtful feature in personal accounts — “True Name”, allowing users to specify a name different from their official identification documents (ID, passport). This initiative by Inqud is designed to foster more comfortable and personalized interactions with its clients. In response to user feedback and the diverse needs of its customer base, Inqud has innovated beyond its previous name request system. The implementation of this new feature is a strategic move to enhance client convenience.

This subtle yet impactful change is part of Inqud’s broader commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive financial environment. It recognizes and respects the diverse and unique needs of all its users, ensuring that each individual can interact with their financial services in a manner that is most fitting and comfortable for them.

With a solid background spanning over seven years in the cryptocurrency market, Inqud remains at the forefront of innovation and adaptation. The company is committed to offering financial solutions that not only meet but also respect the unique needs of each client.

Reflecting on the recent updates to the Crypto Widget and system, Inqud’s founders state, “Through these latest enhancements to our Crypto Widget and system, we are advancing our commitment to adapt to the changing demands of the crypto business world. These improvements symbolize our dedication to transforming financial transactions into more effective, user-centric experiences”.

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