It’s not a surprise that investors are interested in Cryptocurrencies, but should you invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum? Ethereum is regarded as the second most expensive virtual currency after Bitcoin.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most valuable digital currencies that have the highest market capitalization and people are willing to invest in the same. Bitcoin has the highest investment returns out of all Cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, the developers of Ethereum also took a step forward and introduced Ethereum 2.0 with improved scalability and fast transaction speed than Bitcoin.

Ethereum is also giving tough competition to Bitcoin and thus, drawing the attention of young investors and major firms towards itself. The developers of both Cryptocurrencies are continuously working to improve its features.

The similarities of both the currencies are nearly the same, but there is a difference in the market cap, Bitcoin holds a significantly larger market cap than Ethereum. You can read about bitcoin at bitcoin up trade that describes the key differences between these two currencies.

All You Need To Know About Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first Cryptocurrency that was launched around ten years back. The main objective of this digital was to fix the issues of global finance. 

It is a secure digital currency that can be used to buy online goods and services without any financial intermediaries. Moreover, it uses Blockchain technology to verify each transaction.

The best benefit of investing in this digital currency is that it consists of high returns on investment, but it has high market volatility, which gives rise to cyberattacks. 

All You Need To Know About Ethereum

Ethereum was launched in the year 2015 by Vitalik Buterin and is known as the best-decentralized software platform that features smart contracts. This Cryptocurrency also uses Blockchain technology for a secure transaction. 

Recently, Ethereum 2.0 is invented that highlights the feature of improved scalability, security, efficiency, throughput, and fast transactions. 

Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum - Key Differences

There are some key differences between both the digital currencies that you must know before investing in any of the two assets. So, here are some of the major differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum:

1. Coins Supply

There are some limitations of both the coin’s supply. Thus, the coin supply of Bitcoin has been limited to twenty-one million coins, while the coin supply of Ethereum is not limited. 

The production of Ethereum is continuous, and its supply can slow down with time. The supply and the demand for Bitcoins are high, and this is considered to be healthy for a store of value. 

2. The Currencies: Bitcoin Vs. Ether

Ether is created to fuel the power transactions and the Ethereum network - imagine it as gas.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is created for real transactions and can be considered as a store of value - imagine it as money.

3. Transaction Speeds

The newly created Ethereum 2.0 has a fast transaction speed than Bitcoin. So, Bitcoin’s block time is minutes, and Ethereum’s block time is just seconds.

Also, Ethereum’s transactions are automatic, and Bitcoin’s transactions are manual. This is also one of the main differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin.

4. Concepts 

The concepts of both virtual currencies are different. You can analyze Ethereum as “smart contracts” while Bitcoin as “digital money.” 

Besides, you can use Bitcoin as a store of value, and it can act as a medium of exchange, while Ethereum serves as a building platform for smart contracts, allowing you to send tokens. 

Moreover, Bitcoin is older than Ethereum. Various other internet currencies in the market are introduced after the growth of Bitcoin. So, this is the main concept or theory between the two. 

The Bottom Line 

Keep in mind that both Ethereum and Bitcoin are decentralized currencies that eliminate physical barriers such as central authorities, ATM, etc. 

You can invest in any of the above two assets, but there are some major differences that you need to consider before choosing any.