Today, blockchain is being used in various spheres of life, but its use in the banking sector is particularly prominent, where blockchain serves as a means of protection against fraudsters and a way to validate payments. According to recent research, banks are going to save tens of billions of dollars by using blockchain to make payments in the future.

States are also interested in blockchain as a way to store registries and archives. Some countries have been actively using e-voting and view blockchain as a secure and reliable method of storing votes. Nevertheless, state blockchain remains centralized, with the authorities in control of the nodes, and will continue to do so in the future.

A real large-scale war has broken out over the creation of the most popular stabelcoin, a digital currency pegged to a conventional currency or physical commodities such as gold or silver. Many cryptocurrency exchanges now have their stabelcoins and even states are researching this direction. The largest such state is China, whose government has already launched a pilot of the tokenized yuan.

Blockchain has already affected many spheres of life, including betting. The emergence of the Internet and the development of new technologies provided a substantial push to the development of betting. But cheating and fraud went hand-in-hand with the industry growth, and only the advent of blockchain allowed to completely change the rules.

The use of this technology in the betting business primarily provides security and anonymity for users, guarantee timely payments, and no interference from third parties or human factors in the betting process.

The use of this technology in the betting business primarily provides security and anonymity for users, guarantee timely payments, and no interference from third parties or human factors in the betting process.

Nowadays cryptocurrency bookmaker is a decentralized space that allows players to bet on different sporting events using cryptocurrencies. Using the main advantage of blockchain, the speed of transactions, cryptocurrency bookmakers provide instant payments to players.

While a classic bookmaker is a centralized system that has direct access to its customers' funds, the decentralized structure of a cryptocurrency bookmaker provides players with absolute protection against financial fraud and various manipulations.

Another advantage of blockchain for the gambling industry could be no bank fees - cryptocurrency transactions cost ten times less than similar fiat transfers. Blockchain was able to solve the problems inherent in the traditional betting business, but the scammers do not disappear and continue to create new problems.

You can find hundreds of cryptocurrency bookmakers on the Internet these days, and one wonders: how can a common user determine if they are truly decentralized and honest? Under the guise of cryptocurrency bookmakers, scammers create services that steal users' money and discredit the idea of decentralized betting.

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The industry has always had quite a few problems and betting has been almost completely in the shadows. But with the advent of blockchain and the emergence of new market leaders in the betting industry, there is a trend towards openness, transparency, and honesty towards its users. Crypto Sports Betting 2020 makes it possible to use all the advantages of decentralized bookmakers without the fear of running into scammers and losing your money.