As you know, Coindar provides traders with the best tool for fundamental analysis. Nevertheless, the value of assets can be affected not only by upcoming events, but also by technical data that can be obtained by knowing the value and volume of trade in an asset at different time periods. Figures of technical analysis, indicators, oscillators, divergence between them — for many, all this looks like some kind of magic that is very difficult to figure out. Therefore, Coindar continues to share useful Telegram channels dedicated to technical analysis.

The creators of the Russian channel Magic Trade, professionally versed in technical analysis, daily publish trading ideas and clearly show that there is really no magic, but there is mathematics, statistics and psychology. The creators of the Magic Trade channel don’t hide behind the screen of one-way communication - for each idea you can vote and discuss in a general chat. Magic Trade is a great addition to the fundamental analysis you get on Coindar.

We’re proud to announce that Magic Trade has become a partner of Coindar and Colibri Group, as well as of such cryptocurrency projects as Bingbon, ARPA, Waltonchain, Republic, Algorand and CyberVein.