[Manila, the Philippines. December 23, 2021] The Philippine company with Japanese philosophy junca announced that December 2021 is the starting point for gradual unrolling of full-scale marketing efforts for its cryptocurrency junca Cash ($JCC) in Europe. This comes ahead of the junca Platform launch scheduled for Q1–Q2 2022. Previously, junca Cash successfully marketed in the Philippines and Singapore.

junca (純化, Japanese for “purify”) is a multinational company group based on the concept of Musubi 結 (unite). It aims to connect the world and reach a balanced flow between people, experience, and things. To do so, it builds fair finance. junca Cash started as a game changer that is posed to solve the financial problems of the Asian economy. The project has obtained approval by the Philippine government. It develops a blockchain-based remittance service that offers higher safety, easy connectivity, instant settlement, and effective transaction tracking at a low cost compared to banks.

In spring 2020, junca opened atom ATMs across major cities in the Philippines. atom offers conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat money and is targeted at Overseas Filipino Workers. According to the Philippine government, over 10 million Filipinos officially work overseas and send home over USD 85 billion annually using SWIFT with high fees, while junca can offer a flat fee as low as 1%. Through the partnership with the Alliance of Communities for Transformation and Services of Overseas Filipino Workers (ACTS-OFW), junca aims to process 30% of annual OFW remittance in 5 years.

The upcoming junca App will offer bank card, QR code, and crypto settlements, e-commerce, donation, and scholarship loan functionality. Since the ongoing pandemic has shrunk the physical cash turnover, with atom ATMs and junca App, junca is well positioned to take a bigger share of the digital finance market. Another key use case of the project is smart-contract-powered junca certificates for human resources. This solution cuts the intermediary costs, protects from data tampering, and offers a safe mechanism for data transfer and authentication. Basing on it, junca plans to establish a global certification mechanism.

You can trade junca Cash on Azbit, Coinsbit, LATOKEN, and P2PB2B. Interestingly, in order to increase the efficiency and asset flow within the ecosystem, junca will adopt a three-token model. A self-developed stablecoin will ensure more stable remittance and settlement prices, while a dividend token will be used to distribute 30% of junca’s profits. Join the junca community to know first about the upcoming events.

Website: https://junca-cash.world

Telegram: https://t.me/juncafangroup

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juncacash

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JCC78549683