Prometheus has become a partner of Coindar and Colibri Group, as well as of such cryptocurrency projects as Bingbon, ARPA, Waltonchain, Republic, Algorand and CyberVein.

The Prometheus team about their project:

Prometheus is the media about cryptocurrencies, mining, blockchain, and decentralization. Our goal is to popularize the crypto industry. Our priorities are free market, decentralization, privacy, and scaling.

Prometheus started its work on July 20, 2016. We have created a decentralized newsroom with participants living all over the world.

In the near future, we’ll scale westwards and add the English language segment to the CIS audience. 

Our plans include creating a UGC readership with a token to reward the most successful authors.

Who are readers? 

Our audience is mainly represented by men over 25 years old. The entire readership of the publication is concentrated in the CIS countries, mainly in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Audience interests

We conducted a survey among our readers on the results of which we found out our readers' area of interest.

24.2% — investors
23.3% — cryptoentusists
19.7% — traders
19.4% — miners
13.4% — entrepreneurs


We’re most proud that the founders of large ICOs, representatives of exchangers, exchanges, equipment suppliers, and many other major players in the industry are subscribed to Prometheus