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Relictum NFT & DEX: Testing and Implementing Products Through Our Community


Relictum has a number of products for full-fledged work with a cryptocurrency exchange and tokens: DEX, Chat, Wallet, Tokens, NFT, Games, Pay, and Storage. Everything will be available for download on any device and operating system: IOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. Some Relictum products go through different stages of testing.

Relictum NFT and Marketplace have passed the full cycle of testing

A focus group was created within our community to test NFT and NFT Marketplace 7 months ago. We just published ads and gathered enthusiasts. They are not professional testers or developers — instead, they are specialists from various fields. However, they are all members of our community.

There were 6 teams of 7-10 people each. In total, about 40-50 people participated in the testing. Each team had their own chat rooms where they communicated and shared ideas. Each of them also included members of the Relictum project, who promptly responded to any questions, noted suggestions and comments.

The plan was that the teams tested the Relictum NFT app: token creation, possibilities of the NFT marketplace (how to sell, buy, participate in auctions, its convenience and simplicity). A scenario was developed for the required actions, explaining where to click or go. After that, each of the focus group members provided their feedback and comments about the app: what was convenient or not, where features did not work, and where the process could be improved/simplified.

As a result, a number of bugs were identified, useful comments and suggestions were collected from the teams. The results were immediately implemented to improve the product. Relictum NFT (and all other products of the company) takes into account the comments of its community, is proud of it, cherishes and appreciates it. All apps should be convenient, functional, and efficient.

The testing itself was competitive, which made working with apps even more dynamic: find more bugs, make more comments (relevant ones, of course), suggest improvements. As a result, a rating of teams was created based on the testing results. Each focus group member received a reward in GTN tokens. Thus, the Relictum NFT product and Relictum NFT Marketplace were tested and launched.

This is not all. Testing of the next product, Relictum Staking, began 2 months ago. The teams were understaffed with new enthusiasts. The app is quite simple, so the testing phase passed quickly.

New Release – Relictum DEX

One of the best teams got the opportunity to test a new product – Relictum DEX (decentralized exchange). They are the most active, assertive members who independently test the exchange app.

This team is Team of Testers. Its captain is Andrey Shumkov. The members are:

● Vladimir Chumak;

● Maxim Kravchenko;

● Sergey Yazov;

● Sergey Razumeiko;

● Stanislav Yaskevich;

● Vasily Kanantsev;

● Maxim Brel;

● Vitaly Gridyakin.

Six full weeks of testing are over. The app of the decentralized exchange was updated after each completed cycle. In other words, there have been six updates so far. Bugs were fixed, all shortcomings were eliminated, relevant comments from the team were taken into account in each new version. DEX has been tested for 1,000+ hours so far.

During 6 cycles, the team performed 72 useful actions, including 38 identified bugs and 34 suggestions for improving the interface.

The second stage of testing will begin very soon, where other teams of testers will join. Impact testing will start in several cycles, and the product will enter the cryptocurrency market.

What You Should Know about Relictum DEX Right Now

It is a decentralized exchange with all the benefits that come with it. Unlike a centralized exchange, you own all your funds – no one can block them or restrict access. In the current situation, as practice has shown, a centralized exchange unilaterally blocks user accounts and funds in cryptocurrency. It is unknown what happens to them next and whether they can be withdrawn.

The decentralized exchange Relictum DEX has other advantages as well:

1. It is unregulated and not controlled by any state or authority. In other words, there are no regulators capable of somehow restricting work with cryptocurrency, there is no risk of losing money due an account blocking or the exchange policy revision. In the current situation, this is a great option to save your funds without the threat of freezing them.

2. There will be no fees on the exchange first. This means that all transactions will be carried out without additional payment. This is a great chance to test all the features of the app for free.

The first stage of tests is coming to an end now, and the next one will start soon. At the end of May, Relictum is going to launch a beta version of the DEX decentralized exchange app with all the improvements and edits from our focus group.


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