It seems that it is possible to provide gamblers with the content they are used to, while ensuring each bet is completely transparent. Fairspin blockchain casino is an example of how to do it the right way.

All the best, all at once

When discussing the mass use of cryptocurrencies, gambling has had a head start over most industries. Cryptocurrencies make players lives much easier, providing them with a fast, reliable and anonymous payment method. 

Crypto casinos and blockchain casinos are not the same things, however. The only difference between crypto casinos and traditional gaming platforms is the use of bitcoin and altcoin transactions. Blockchain casinos do not just stop there. They use blockchain games to ensure the integrity and transparency of the game results.  

It is this second approach that is an innovation, or even a revolution, within an industry where trust is of paramount importance. However, there is a limited number of blockchain-based games, and their quality leaves much to be desired. Whilst potentially attracting blockchain enthusiasts, they still do not offer anything to the general public.

This situation leaves players with a choice of playing a fair, transparent but boring game or compromising on transparency and enjoying bright, traditional casino slots.  

Fairspin is the first online casino that decided to change this by combining the key advantages of blockchain with classic games from leading providers. To make this work, it uses a comprehensive solution from the TruePlay blockchain platform.

How it works

When registering on, each player receives a TruePlay wallet, with all transactions made within the platform using ERC20 TPLAY tokens. Because of this, all payouts and deposits, as well as the total balance of casino funds, can be checked in a blockchain explorer, such as Etherscan. This ensures that anyone can make sure that the casino pay the bills and that players have sufficient funds on their accounts to receive a payout of their winnings.

At the same time, players can deposit and withdraw funds not only in Bitcoin, Ether, and other altcoins but also by using a regular bank card. When you make a deposit, all currencies are automatically converted to TPLAY, and when you make a withdrawal, they are converted back. 

Fairspin uses the TrueSign blockchain module from TruePlay. The module can be installed on the side of a casino, a regulator or a game provider. It publishes all of the game statistics in the blockchain and makes it impossible for game results to be altered.

Million Winnings and extra bonuses  

Fairspin’s bet on honesty and transparency has most definitely produced results. A year and a half into its existence, it has attracted a decent audience of players.  The total amount of winnings on the platform has already exceeded 60 million TPLAY, which is no less than 60,000 ETH or more than $7.5 million dollars (even with the current sagging rate of Ether).

But blockchain innovation is not the only factor for the popularity of online casinos, which are continuously expanding their global presence and gaming content. At the moment, this online casino is available in English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish and Polish. Fairspin offers a wide selection of first-class games to players and large bonuses – up to 200% on deposit, cashback up to 15%, as well as free spins and other promotional offers.

Using a non-standard approach to blockchain technologies in online gambling, Fairspin has managed to attract ordinary players as well as blockchain enthusiasts. This is perhaps what the notorious "mass adaptation" of the blockchain looks like in online gambling.