Many of us are using the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting quarantine period to find different forms of income and one of the most obvious options is to trade on the stock market using the volatility that the pandemic has provided. However, trading is not easy and if you are suffering from repeated losses it can become demoralizing and you start making decisions that you wouldn’t have made if you were in a better frame of mind. Here we are going to look at how you can improve your trading mindset.

Avoid Opinions

Nothing will put you in a worse frame of mind than if you are constantly listening to other people’s opinions and you follow them and end up making losses. Of course, you may want to discuss strategies with other people, and bouncing ideas of each other is a great way to come up with new approaches. However, if you simply follow other people’s opinions without rationalizing them, you are heading for losses and you will also lose sleep at night because you will be torn between your opinion and theirs. Always be yourself, prepare, and then have the gumption to follow it through. You will find yourself in a much better mindset and the profits should start to flow. 


Research is key and can come in many forms. First, you need to understand what type of trading you want to do as you may be a novice and unsure, so it is worth studying forex trading for beginners or learning about day trading on the FTSE market to get an idea of what you are doing. Many sites allow you to place dummy trades that you can follow and learn from so you needn’t part with your hard-earned cash from the outset. You can do your research, place a trade, and see if your hard work pays off. Being on top of current affairs is critical so make sure you are well versed with the news and this will give you tools to start trading with a positive mindset.

Keep a Diary of Your Trades

Keeping a diary of all your past trades is essential if you want to learn from your mistakes and improve your mindset. The idea is that you not only note your profitable trades but also your losses. Look for patterns, is a certain trade you make always loss-making? If so, then study why and learn from your mistakes. With a little bit of analysis, you can fine-tune your strategy and immediately turn a larger profit. 

Improving your trading mindset is all about doing your own research and being prepared. You have to have the courage of your own convictions so avoid following the opinions of others and copying their trades. Make sure you research research research, as without doing your homework you will be throwing your money away, and finally keep a note of all your trades and learn not only from your mistakes but also your successes. If you follow these tips you will start each day with a positive mindset increasing the chances of it being profitable.