One of Bitcoin's best parts is that unlike fiat currencies, it doesn't have any locality. Hence, it is not restricted by the borders for its use. Thanks to these features, you can easily send and receive money from anywhere on the globe. And to do so, you just need internet and You are all set to make high-speed transactions.

However, when it comes down to Bitcoin's acceptance and its regulation as in the nation, it can be very tricky at times. Some countries are in favor of Bitcoin, while some are skeptical about it.

For some countries, decentralized Bitcoin poses a threat to their centralized monetization system, while for other countries, it is a way to attain an open network for financial transactions.

Here, we will discuss some of the best places for Bitcoin lovers. And when we talk about the best places, we are talking about spending Bitcoins for the things you need.

Best Places For Bitcoin Lovers In The World

Want to pay for your dinner in Bitcoin? If so, then you need to visit these places when you plan your next tour. The places that we are about to mention here are all Crypto-friendly places, and you can spend your Cryptocurrencies to avail any form of services.

1. Vancouver

Canada is one of the best places for Bitcoin lovers. Canada's government has taken some strict steps to smooth up the regulation of their Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. It is also a place of one of the most renowned Crypto exchange platforms, QuadrigaCX. QuadrigaCX became popular after its name surfaced in one of the Crypto client scams.

Vancouver is mostly known to have the most number of retailers offering services in exchange for Cryptocurrencies. Currently, more than a couple of dozens of merchants are doing their business in Cryptocurrencies. Vancouver also caters to Bitcoin ATMs services that can help people withdraw money in exchange for Bitcoins.

2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the home of one of the largest Bitcoin mining facilities, Bitfury, and a world-renowned payment app, Bitpay. This shows how much Cryptocurrency is famous in this land. This place has more than 40 merchants doing their business in Crypto exchanges. With Bitcoin's help, you can present a bike, barber services, and can even buy thighs from antique shops.

The city is filled with only 800K citizens. Even with the low population, this city caters to Bitcoin ATM services.

3. London

You must have visited London many times, but if we say it is one of the Bitcoin haven places, would you believe me? Well, that's true. London has more than 9 million citizens, and to cater to them, London has more than 130 Bitcoin ATMs. Also, there are more than 50 merchants who do businesses in the form of Cryptocurrencies.

A startup business based on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, Coinfloor is considered one of the oldest Crypto exchange platforms in the UK. This platform is also known worldwide for its extensive large scale volume trading.

4. New York

New York is the tech hub for many industries. It does not sleep at night. And it certainly proves itself with a bustling nightlife. It is populated by almost 8 million. This city has more than a dozen merchants that are willing to do their business in Cryptocurrency and have 15 Bitcoin ATMs to buy Bitcoins.

We all have heard about Gemini trading platforms, right. The same platform has been originated in New York by the Winklevoss twins.

5. Tel Aviv

Israel is one of the leading countries to have a startup. Why? Because it has several merchants who run their business in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. If you are Crypto enthusiastic and are looking to spend Cryptocurrencies. Tel Aviv might be the best place for you.


There you have it—the best places for Bitcoin lovers. Here we have tried to add only those names which we consider are top Crypto regulatory places. If there are places that we could have added to the list, please mention them down below. We will be happy to add them.