Absolute transparency is a big, but not the only advantage of Blockchain technology. How to use other advantages where absolute openness is unacceptable? For example, in medicine, insurance or banking sectors. 

The main advantage of ARPA

ARPA ARPA offers a secure and confidential multi-party computing (MPC) computing network where private smart contracts are the link. Consensus is reached within the nodes, and the result is transmitted to the public network.

MPC technology allows several participants to perform calculations depending on the private input data of each of them, so that no participant can get information about other people`s secret input data.

To make it clearer consider an example: Justin and Vitalik known for cryptocurrency wealth, who are interested in knowing which of them is richer without revealing their actual wealth. MPC technology will allow them to do this.

Cryptocurrency exchanges understandably don’t want to fully disclose their assets. On the other hand, crypto investors must be sure of the liquidity of the exchange — that the exchange will be able to settle accounts with them. ARPA offers a solution to achieve trust between the two sides.

Key Features of ARPA: 

• Confidentiality of private and corporate data
• Private smart contracts for decentralized application developers (dApp)
• Scalable infrastructure with computing segmentation features
• The ARPA network is flexible, easy to use and compatible with existing blockchains such as Ethereum, EOS, Binance DEX and others
• The correctness of the calculations is observed even under most malware, insecure environment

What is interesting in ARPA for a crypto enthusiast and trader?

ARPA successfully and closely cooperates with Binance. As the flagship of the cryptocurrency market, Binance understands the promise of technology that ARPA provides and supports it in every way. ARPA is one of the few projects with the functions of staking and landing on the Binance exchange and is presented in the Binance Research service. This fact alone shows the high liquidity of this cryptocurrency. 

ARPA is also traded on the Huobi, KuCoin, MXC, BKEX and many others.

It is definitely worth paying attention to this project and to follow the developments.

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