Despite the growing popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they still haven’t penetrated into all areas of financial mutual settlements, and the issue of exchanging cryptocurrency into fiat and vice versa remains open. There are hundreds of services that offer such an exchange, but all of them have certain disadvantages: lack of anonymity, high commissions, a limited list of payment methods, etc.

The Bitpapa service has been operating for over 2 years and offers a completely new approach to exchanging cryptocurrency into fiat and vice versa. Bitpapa is an escrow service where buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies offer customers the most favorable exchange rate. The service has virtually no competitors since the creators of Bitpapa have introduced many innovations making the product unique.

What does Bitpapa offer customers?

The best exchange rates for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT to fiat and vice versa, as sellers fight for the client and try to offer the most favorable conditions.
The ability to conduct anonymous transactions without registration, verification and confirmation of the phone number - the sender's Bitcoin address remains unknown to the seller
Storing cryptocurrencies safely, user funds are first transferred to a hot store, mixed, and then transferred to cold wallets that are impossible to crack
• Additional phishing protection method — in the settings you need to specify the secret word and all letters from Bitpapa will be marked with this secret word
No fee commission on the platform for both the seller and the buyer, which allows sellers and buyers to set the most favorable rates in their offers
iOS App that includes the full functionality of the service and the ability to use as a crypto wallet
Over 100 payment and withdrawal methods
• The minimum threshold for buying and selling is only $1
• The express bot for buying Bitcoin in Telegram @BitpapaExpressBot where all transactions are also protected by an escrow service
• Bot for fast authorization on the site @Bitpapa_bot allows you to enter your account without entering a username and password and also sends notifications about all events in transactions on the site
• A rating system where, after each completed transaction, users are invited to rate each other and the higher the seller’s rating, the more transactions other users will conduct with it • 24/7 support that quickly resolves all obscure and controversial issues

What does Bitpapa offer miners?

• All benefits available to users
The ability to directly transfer cryptocurrency from mining pools and immediately sell it without any fee

What does Bitpapa offer information security experts?

Bug-bounty program that involves rewards for critical vulnerabilities found

What does Bitpapa offer partners?

The opportunity to participate in a three-level referral program with the interest payment of the service’s profit

If the partner himself registered using the referral link, then his conditions will become much higher

Availability of the bonus program: if 10 people register using the referral link and 5 of them make transactions for any amount, the partner receives an additional reward of $10

Bitpapa is a service that offers the most favorable conditions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency and is interesting not only for the ordinary crypto-enthusiast but also for the miner, the owner of the crypto resource and information security expert.