Wednesday, September 29, 2021 UTC

Win NFT Rewards & Cash Prizes in FTX Cup #1


On September 25th, FTX cup #1 tournament kicked off and there is a chance to win NFT tokens, as well as other prizes during the tournament period. The prize pool is over $50,000. Don't miss your chance. Register by following this link and take part. Registration is open till October 24.

NFT differs significantly from its counterparts in its uniqueness. Everything is possible to record on it. Both text and paintings, as well as musical works. For example, artist Mike Winkelmann sold his paintings for a record sum of $69,000,000. FTX-exchange provides its users with NFT-marketplace, in which auctions are held with the participation of all comers.

The main reward of FTX cup #1 tournament is tokens, which give the holder benefits and opportunities on the tradelink platform. They can be spent in your personal profile as achievements. This will ensure free use of TradeLink services for the entire time. In addition, the reward acts as an element of gamification of the platform, opening to the user a lot of interesting and previously unknown functions and opportunities. These tokens can also be sold on secondary markets if need be.

Separate attention should be paid to the girls in the costumes of professional artists. They have not left anyone indifferent. You can see the full collection here: NFT collection

Let's get to know TradeLink.

TradeLink is a startup that has caused a furor in the analytics market. This is not surprising. Using the platform by connecting API-key read-only, users get detailed trade statistics. Professional traders analyze the account using up to 28 indicators. By installing a special widget on your website, all the statistics of interest are displayed.

Currently, the developers of the TradeLink team are working on a new project, which allows you to analyze not only the trade as a whole but also each deal separately. The platform is chosen by thousands of users, who liked not only the system of statistics but also regular tournaments, in which everyone participates. Together with partner exchanges, included in the world's top, large monetary funds and a huge variety of other NFT-awards are collected for the winners of tournaments.

Now TradeLink cooperates with four top exchanges at once. These are FTX, BitMex, Binance, and ByBit.

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