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Ardor (ARDR) Feed: Events, News & Roadmap

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What is Ardor?

Ardor is a blockchain as a service (BaaS) provider offering a multichain platform with a unique parent-child chain architecture. It’s designed to allow businesses and institutions to utilize blockchain technology without the need for custom solutions. Ardor extends beyond its predecessor, Nxt, addressing issues of blockchain bloat, scalability, and customization. It provides a secure main chain and customizable child chains for various applications.

The operational mechanism of Ardor revolves around its parent-child chain structure. The parent Ardor chain ensures network security and decentralization, while the child chains offer all the functionality and are customizable for specific business needs. This design allows for interoperability and flexibility, catering to a wide array of use cases and facilitating mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Ardor also overcomes the challenges of single token dependency and scalability, inherent in many other blockchains.

ARDR is the native token of the Ardor platform, functioning within the ecosystem to maintain network operations and security. It is used in the proof of stake consensus mechanism, where token holders can participate in network validation and receive transaction fees as rewards. This system addresses the issue of blockchain bloat by eliminating the need for all users to own the native token for transactions on their own child chains, thus enhancing the value and efficiency of the Ardor ecosystem.

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