0.011919000 BTC
113.408000000 USD
92.635914973 EUR
1h +0.76%
24h -2.48%
7d -16.28%
Trade volume (24 h)
2,026.08 BTC
19,367,400 USD
15,747,051.92 EUR
General information
Algorithm N/A
Proof type N/A
Supply 16946086

Bitcoin Gold Events on the Chart

During February 2018

Next Generation Addresses

Event added 1 month ago
02/01/2018T00:0003/01/2018T00:00UTCBitcoin Gold: Next Generation Addresses

During 1 Quarter 2018

Lightning Network Adoption

Event added 9 days ago
03/31/2018T00:0004/01/2018T00:00UTCBitcoin Gold: Lightning Network Adoption


Event added 6 days ago
03/31/2018T00:0004/01/2018T00:00UTCBitcoin Gold: Rebranding

16 April 2018, Monday

Listing on BlockBid

Event added yesterday
04/16/2018T00:0004/17/2018T00:00UTCBitcoin Gold: Listing on BlockBid
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