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BitShares (BTS) Feed: Events, News & Roadmap

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What is BitShares?

BitShares Blockchain is a decentralized, open-source platform designed as a “Blockchain as Organization” (BaO). It operates as an industrial-grade financial technology platform capable of running high-performance operations. As the first decentralized autonomous community, BitShares enables the creation and maintenance of a variety of decentralized financial technology products, services, and functions. The platform excels in recording financial operations between blockchain accounts and offers extensive access controls for managing financial resources within the BitShares user community.

BitShares supports digital entrepreneurs, investors, and developers interested in free market solutions, leveraging globally decentralized consensus and decision-making. This consensus technology aims to revolutionize economics in a manner similar to the internet’s impact on information sharing. It allows for the coordination of real-time knowledge discovery and aggregation, optimizing resource allocation. BitShares extends blockchain innovation across various internet-reliant industries like banking, stock exchanges, and others. The platform enables the creation of distributed autonomous companies (BaOs), which operate under incorruptible business rules encoded in open-source software, distributed among the shareholder’s computers. These BaOs function without human management, offering transparent, efficient, and profitable services.

The core utility token of BitShares is BTS, used primarily to pay transaction fees on the BitShares Blockchain. It also facilitates the development of the BitShares platform. BTS token holders wield significant influence over the direction and development of the BitShares Blockchain. They participate in the platform’s governance through decentralized voting mechanisms, enabling them to vote on worker proposals, assign committee members for managing blockchain parameters, and select witness nodes responsible for validating transactions.

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