Bluzelle BLZ

0.000051330 BTC
0.487717000 USD
0.399526764 EUR
1h +1.21%
24h -1.24%
7d -23.92%
Trade volume (24 h)
198.75 BTC
1,902,670 USD
1,547,003.9 EUR
General information
Algorithm N/A
Proof type N/A
Supply 500000000

Bluzelle Events on the Chart

27 February 2018, Tuesday

Bluzelle BLZ

Bluzelle Seoul Meetup, South Korea

Event added 5 days ago
02/27/2018T09:3002/27/2018T08:30UTCBluzelle: Bluzelle Seoul Meetup, South Korea

28 April 2018, Saturday

Bluzelle BLZ
04/28/2018T16:30UTCBluzelle: Bluzelle Dezentralized Database Hackathon in Vancouver, Canada
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