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Chromia (CHR) Feed: Events, News & Roadmap

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What is Chromia?

Chromia is a relational blockchain platform designed to facilitate the development and deployment of decentralized applications (DApps). Initiated by ChromaWay, a company with a track record in blockchain solutions dating back to 2014, Chromia aspires to usher in a new era of DApps that are more scalable and capable of addressing practical problems across sectors ranging from finance to healthcare, education, and governance.

Chromia distinguishes itself through its unique relational blockchain architecture. This structure entails that every node on the network possesses its own relational database, promoting efficient data storage and querying. The outcome is rapid transactions, diminished fees, and superior scalability. In contrast to conventional blockchains which rely on a global state, Chromia uses a DApp-specific local state, streamlining consensus complexity. Developers working on Chromia can use widely known languages like SQL and JavaScript. The platform’s architecture supports DApps in having individual blockchains that operate on select network nodes, facilitating parallel transaction processing and thereby bolstering scalability.

The Chromia ecosystem operates with a native utility token known as CHR. This token“s primary functions include covering transaction fees, staking, participating in governance, and facilitating access to DApps within the Chromia platform. As an additional benefit, CHR holders have the potential to earn rewards from DApp providers, recognizing the platform”s growth and widespread adoption. Additionally, the CHR token maintains compatibility with other major blockchains, including BNB Chain and Ethereum, thanks to integrated bridges and sidechains.

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