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Coin98 (C98) Calendar: Release Schedule, Listings, Hard Fork, Halving

During the whole time of Coin98 monitoring, 49 events were added:
12 exchange events
7 releases
7 updates
5 events related to earnings
5 AMA sessions
4 contests
3 reports
2 partnerships
2 announcements
1 conference participation
1 event related to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)
May 29, 2024 UTC

Skate Integration

Coin98 has announced the integration of Skate into its Super Wallet. Skate is a unique application layer that enables apps to operate on thousands of …

Added 24 days ago
May 8, 2024 UTC

Zora Integration

Coin98 has announced the integration of Zora into its Super wallet. Zora is a Layer 2 scaling solution built on Ethereum, aimed at enhancing and simpl…

Added 1 month ago
April 29, 2024 UTC

Listing on will list Coin98 (C98) on April 29th.

Added 1 month ago
April 25, 2024 UTC

Metis Integration

Coin98 has announced the integration of Metis, a Layer 2 blockchain platform that uses the Rollups model on Ethereum, into its Super wallet.

Added 1 month ago
February 23, 2024 UTC

Listing on Bitunix

Bitunix will list Coin98 (C98) on February 23rd.

Added 4 months ago
February 10, 2024 UTC

Triple Mints Event

Coin98 is hosting a Triple Mints Event from February 9th to 10th. During this event, the daily mints limit will be tripled to 9 mints per day. Partici…

Added 4 months ago
February 7, 2024 UTC

NFT Multisend Feature Launch

Coin98 has introduced a new feature in its Super Wallet, the NFT multisend. This feature allows users to transfer thousands of NFTs to other wallet ad…

Added 4 months ago
February 2, 2024 UTC


Coin98 will release an announcement on February 2nd.

Added 4 months ago
February 1, 2024 UTC

Partnership With First Digital

Coin98 has entered into a partnership with First Digital, a prominent player in the field of digital asset security. This collaboration is aimed at of…

Added 4 months ago
January 16, 2024 UTC

Giveaway Ends

Coin98 is hosting an event titled “Santa Cypheus' Adventure” with a total prize pool of $7,720. The event is divided into two parts: the Random Reward…

Added 6 months ago
December 29, 2023 UTC


Coin98 will hold a Christmas contest from December 21st to 29th. The participants may share a prize pool of $480 by simply dropping their Christmas mo…

Added 6 months ago


Coin98 is hosting a special Christmas event in 2023 from December 23rd to December 29th. The event involves a game where participants are required to …

Added 6 months ago

“Spread Your Xmas Wishes” Contest

Coin98 is hosting its 5th challenge, the “Spread Your Xmas Wishes” event. Participants are required to use the Coin98 Super Wallet to send gifts with …

Added 6 months ago
December 22, 2023 UTC

Apple ID Integration

Coin98 has announced the integration of Apple ID with its Super wallet. This new feature allows users to create a Web3 wallet by simply connecting the…

Added 6 months ago
December 12, 2023 UTC

Listing on Bitkub

Bitkub will list Coin98 (C98) on 12th December at 06:00 AM UTC.

Added 6 months ago
November 24, 2023 UTC

Out of the Box

Coin98 is set to participate in an event titled “Out of the Box” on November 24th at 9:00 UTC. The company’s business development lead will be represe…

Added 7 months ago
November 17, 2023 UTC

Scroll Integration

Coin98 has announced the integration of Scroll, a layer 2 Ethereum network that uses zero-knowledge technology for scaling solutions, into the latest …

Added 7 months ago
October 27, 2023 UTC

Halloween Art Contest

Coin98 is hosting a Halloween art contest, where participants are invited to create Halloween costumes for the brand’s mascot, Cypheus. The most impr…

Added 8 months ago
July 19, 2023 UTC

Mantle Integration

Coin98 has announced its integration with Mantle, an Ethereum rollup. This integration will allow Coin98 users to create a Mantle Wallet for the trans…

Added 11 months ago
June 28, 2023 UTC

AMA on Twitter

Coin98 will host an AMA on Twitter on June 28th

Added 0 years ago
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