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Decentraland (MANA) Calendar: Release Schedule, Listings, Hard Fork, Halving

During the whole time of Decentraland monitoring, 107 events were added:
35 exchange events
25 AMA sessions
14 conference participations
8 partnerships
7 releases
5 contests
4 events related to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)
3 meetups
2 updates
1 report
1 event related to NFT and digital art
1 general event
1 token burn
May 24, 2024 UTC

Decentraland Community Summit

Decentraland is set to hold its first-ever Community Summit in Argentina from May 22 to 24. The event is designed to celebrate the progress of the pla…

Added 5 months ago
June 29, 2024 UTC

Decentraland Game Expo

Decentraland is set to host the Decentraland Game Expo from June 26th to 29th.

Past Events
March 29, 2024 UTC

Decentraland Art Week '24

Decentraland is set to host its Art Week '24 from March 26 to March 29. The event is a celebration of the limitless creativity that exists within the …

Added 2 months ago
January 29, 2024 UTC

Contest Ends

Decentraland is concluding its Wellness Week with a community giveaway which will be finished on January 29th at 12 pm UTC. Ten community members will…

Added 3 months ago
January 26, 2024 UTC

Decentraland Wellness Week

Decentraland is set to host Wellness Week from January 24 to 26, 2024.

Added 5 months ago
December 15, 2023 UTC


Decentraland will host a workshop on Discord on December 15th at 4 PM UTC. The workshop will be led by experts in the field and will cover the basics …

Added 5 months ago
November 18, 2023 UTC

Decentraland Music Festival

Decentraland is set to host the Decentraland Music Festival event from November 16 to 18. The event will feature five main stages designed by top virt…

Added 6 months ago
November 16, 2023 UTC

Partnership With Smiley

Decentraland is set to partner with Smiley, a prominent fashion and lifestyle brand. This collaboration comes on the heels of Smiley’s successful NFT …

Added 6 months ago
November 15, 2023 UTC

Panel Discussion

Decentraland is hosting a panel discussion titled “The business of music in the metaverse” on November 15th, at 6 pm UTC. The discussion will delve in…

Added 6 months ago
October 27, 2023 UTC


Decentraland has announced that it will be hosting the AIWorldFair from October 25th to 27th. The event will feature discussions with prominent AI com…

Added 7 months ago
September 24, 2023 UTC

Metaverse Architecture Biennale

Decentraland is set to host the Metaverse Architecture Biennale from September 21 to 24. The event will feature over 30 pavilions, engaging panel disc…

Added 8 months ago
September 6, 2023 UTC

AMA on Twitter

Decentraland is hosting an Open Mic event with new emote creators on September 6th at 3 PM UTC. This event is a follow-up to a recent contest where pa…

Added 9 months ago
September 5, 2023 UTC

Emote Contest Deadline

Decentraland has announced that the deadline for their community emote contest is approaching. All entries for the contest must be submitted by Septem…

Added 9 months ago
August 30, 2023 UTC

AMA on Twitter

Decentraland has announced an upcoming event titled “Emote Creator Stories & Their Inspiration” featuring invited guests. The event is scheduled to ta…

Added 9 months ago
August 23, 2023 UTC

AMA on Twitter

Decentraland is set to host an event on Twitter titled “Creating Emotes Tips & Tricks” with the guests. The event is scheduled to take place on August…

Added 9 months ago
August 16, 2023 UTC

Blockchain Futurist Conference

Decentraland is set to host the Blockchain Futurist Conference. The event, which will take place in the virtual world of Decentraland, is scheduled fo…

Added 9 months ago
July 22, 2023 UTC

Metaverse Art Week

Decentraland will take part in the Metaverse Art Week organized by SugarClub. The event will take place on July 22nd at 19:00 UTC.

Added 10 months ago
June 29, 2023 UTC

Metaverse Pride 23

MetaversePride23 is a 3-day, inclusive and vibrant virtual event celebrating the diversity of the global LGBTQIA+ community

Added 0 years ago
June 28, 2023 UTC

AMA on Twitter

Decentraland will host an AMA on Twitter on June 28th

Added 11 months ago
June 19, 2023 UTC

Contest Ends

The Decentraland Foundation has organized a Pride Wearables contest ahead of the big event. The contest is open to everyone and will continue until Ju…

Added 11 months ago
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