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Dynex (DNX) Calendar: Release Schedule, Listings, Hard Fork, Halving

During the whole time of Dynex monitoring, 13 events were added:
6 exchange events
3 releases
2 updates
1 AMA session
1 event related to testing of new functions
July 2024 UTC

Wrapped Token Release

Dynex is set to release a wrapped token, 0xDNX, on the Ethereum blockchain within July. The exact date is yet to be confirmed due to an ongoing extens…

Added 26 days ago
Past Events
March 2024 UTC

HyperPay Wallet Support

Dynex is set to be integrated into the HyperPay mobile app in March. This integration will allow Dynex (DNX) to be supported in the off-chain wallet o…

Added 4 months ago

Biometric Security-Based Hardware Storage Solution Release

Dynex has announced that its long-awaited biometric security-based hardware storage solution will be available in March. The solution, developed by Ta…

Added 5 months ago
March 5, 2024 UTC

Listing on CoinEx

CoinEx will list Dynex (DNX) on March 5th. The trading pair for this listing will be DNX/USDT.

Added 4 months ago
February 27, 2024 UTC

SDK v.0.1.13 Beta Update

Dynex has released a new version of its Software Development Kit (SDK), specifically the beta version 0.1.13. The new version includes a new cost esti…

Added 4 months ago
January 31, 2024 UTC

Listing on CoinW

CoinW will list Dynex (DNX) on January 31st at 12:00 UTC.

Added 5 months ago
January 4, 2024 UTC

Listing on Gate.io

Gate.io will list Dynex (DNX) on January 4th at 8:00 UTC with the trading pair being DNX/USDT.

Added 6 months ago
December 2023 UTC

Marketplace Launch

Dynex will launch the marketplace in December.

Added 7 months ago
December 22, 2023 UTC

AMA on Binance Live

Dynex will host an AMA on Binance Live on December 22nd.

Added 6 months ago
December 13, 2023 UTC

SDK Update

Dynex has released an update to its Software Development Kit (SDK), now in beta version 0.1.11. This update introduces several new features and improv…

Added 7 months ago
June 6, 2023 UTC

Listing on MEXC

DNX will be listed on MEXC

Added 1 year ago
June 5, 2023 UTC

Listing on BitMart

DNX will be listed on BitMart

Added 1 year ago
May 18, 2023 UTC

Listing on LBank

DNX will be listed on LBank

Added 1 year ago
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