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What is Forta?

Forta is a project that presents a real-time detection network dedicated to the security and operational monitoring of blockchain activity. It ensures protocols and investors can swiftly react to threats, aiming to neutralize them and prevent or at least reduce the loss of funds.

Forta operates through a network of nodes that monitor the blockchain, providing alerts on detected threats. The functioning of these nodes is ensured by a staking mechanism and reward system that incentivizes nodes to perform their tasks correctly. Nodes are required to stake a certain amount of FORT tokens, which can be slashed if they fail to perform their duties correctly. The alerts provided by nodes enable users and protocols to react timely to threats.

The FORT token, an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, has multiple uses within the Forta ecosystem. It is used for staking by nodes and detection bots to ensure the economic security of their work. Additionally, FORT holders can delegate their tokens to node pools, enhancing the security of the network and participating in the rewards distribution. A minimum stake of FORT is required for any bot to operate in the network, protecting it from spam and malicious bots. The token also enables holders to participate in governance voting, contributing to the evolution of the Forta project.

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