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Lisk (LSK) Calendar: Release Schedule, Listings, Hard Fork, Halving

During the whole time of Lisk monitoring, 187 events were added:
39 AMA sessions
39 releases
22 meetups
20 exchange events
14 conference participations
12 reports
9 updates
8 events related to testing of new functions
7 events related to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)
6 contests
4 general events
2 hard forks
1 event related to earnings
1 announcement
1 branding event
1 token swap
1 event related to NFT and digital art
June 25, 2024 UTC

Klayr Blockchain Launch

Lisk will launch Klayr blockchain on June 25th one month after Lisk’s migration.

Added 11 days ago
Past Events
May 21, 2024 UTC

Klayr Snapshot

Lisk is preparing for a migration to the Ethereum blockchain, set to begin after a snapshot at block height 24,823,618 scheduled for May 21st at 06:00…

Added 22 days ago
May 20, 2024 UTC

BitFlyer Delisting

BitFlyer will delist Lisk (LSK) on May 20th.

Added 3 days ago
May 8, 2024 UTC

Lisk Core v.4.0.6 Launch

Lisk has announced the release of Lisk Core v.4.0.6, which introduces the shutdown-node plugin. This plugin is designed to automatically shut down nod…

Added 15 days ago
April 30, 2024 UTC

Nairobi Meetup

Lisk, in collaboration with CV Labs, is set to launch the Lisk Incubation Hub in Nairobi on April 30th. The initiative aims to support the development…

Added 24 days ago
March 14, 2024 UTC

AMA on X

Lisk will host an AMA on X on March 14th featuring the CTO of Histopia. Histopia is a multichain metaverse game with cross-chain game mechanisms and e…

Added 2 months ago
December 5, 2023 UTC

Mainnet v.4.0 Launch

Lisk will conduct mainnet upgrade to v.4.0 at block height 23,390,991 on December 5th at 10:00 UTC.

Added 6 months ago
December 4, 2023 UTC

Listing on Bitget

Bitget will list Lisk on December 4th under the LSK/USDT trading pair.

Added 5 months ago

Lisk v.4.0 Security Audit

Lisk has successfully completed the security audit for its version 4.0. The audit was carried out by Trail of Bits, a third-party security research fi…

Added 5 months ago
November 23, 2023 UTC

AMA on X

Lisk will host an AMA on X with the founder and CEO of ColectX on November 23rd at 16:00 UTC. The focus of the event will be on the development of an …

Added 6 months ago
October 26, 2023 UTC

AMA on X

Lisk will host an AMA on X with co-founders of JELLYSPACE, Ali Musab and Jaime Lozano. The event is scheduled for October 26th at 15:00 UTC.

Added 7 months ago
October 19, 2023 UTC

AMA on X

Lisk will host an AMA on X with the co-founders of JELLYSPACE on October 19th at 15:00 UTC. JELLYSPACE is a project under the Lisk grant program, whic…

Added 7 months ago
September 26, 2023 UTC

Testnet v.4.0

Lisk will conduct a migration to testnet v.4.0 which will take place at block height 20,449,414 on September 26th. The migration is a significant step…

Added 8 months ago
September 17, 2023 UTC

Berlin Blockchain Week in Berlin

Lisk will take part in the Berlin Blockchain Week. The event will take place in Berlin from September 8th to 17th. Other notable participants include …

Added 8 months ago
September 10, 2023 UTC


Lisk is hosting a hackathon in Berlin on September 9th-10th aimed at providing students with an opportunity to explore blockchain applications and tec…

Added 8 months ago
August 17, 2023 UTC

Community Call

Lisk will host a community call on Twitter on August 17th at 15:00 UTC. The event will feature Ali Haghighatkhah, the Founder and CEO of Muzikie. The …

Added 9 months ago
July 8, 2023 UTC

Hackathon in Berlin

The Lisk Center will be transformed into a plant paradise as the hackathon will be focused on sustainability and regenerative finance - from planting …

Added 11 months ago
June 2, 2023 UTC

Berlin Meetup

Join to meetup in Berlin, Germany

Added 0 years ago
June 1, 2023 UTC

AMA on Twitter

Join to an AMA on Twitter

Added 0 years ago
May 24, 2023 UTC

Betanet v.6.0 Launch

Betanet v.6.0 has arrived

Added 1 year ago
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