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Enzyme (MLN) Feed: Events, News & Roadmap

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What is Enzyme?

Enzyme, previously known as the Melon Protocol, is a decentralized protocol built on Ethereum dedicated to on-chain asset management. It empowers users to establish, administer, and invest in tailored on-chain investment structures.

The Enzyme platform streamlines various asset management activities such as fund creation, investment requests, and transaction executions. To avail platform services, users incur a cost called the Asset Management Gas Unit (AMGU), payable in ETH. These fees converge into the Melon engine contract. The Enzyme Council DAO, a governing body, holds the authority to adjust the AMGU price in response to the prevailing network conditions.

Enzyme’s native token, MLN, adheres to a mint and burn model. Every year, 300,600 MLN tokens are minted, with their distribution determined through a voting process. The fundamental purpose of these tokens is to reward platform maintainers and developers. The Melon engine contract, after amassing ETH fees, procures MLN/ETH and subsequently burns the acquired MLN every 30 days.

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