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Nodle Network (NODL) Feed: Events, News & Roadmap

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What is Nodle Network?

Nodle is an innovative network designed for the integration of IoT devices into the contemporary digital landscape. It focuses on optimizing interactions between devices, data, and users, with an emphasis on deploying “smart missions” on smartphones.

The core concept of Nodle is utilizing smartphones as nodes for data transmission. Nodle’s internal system processes data packets, which act as beacons. This process is based on the Proof-of-Connectivity (PoC) technology, where network participants provide resources in return for rewards. Nodle has implemented a verification protocol to ensure the sequential arrival of data.

Nodle Cash (NODL) serves as the digital asset within the Nodle ecosystem, awarded to network participants for their contribution to data transmission. The token introduces the concept of mining through proof of connectivity, analogous to mining in other cryptocurrency networks, such as Bitcoin. The primary idea is to reward nodes for detecting and transmitting paid data packets and for providing confirmations of data transfers.

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