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Orbit Chain ORC Events, News & Roadmap: Release Schedule, Listings, Hard Fork, Halving

During the whole time of Orbit Chain monitoring, 24 events were added:
6 exchange events
4 partnerships
4 token burns
3 updates
2 releases
2 token swaps
1 hard fork
1 AMA session
1 branding event
Until June 30, 2023

Hard Fork

The Orbit chain hard fork is a prerequisite and essential process to stand at the center of the blockchain, project (token), and wallet.

Added 18 days ago

Orbit Chain Explorer: Orbitscope

Orbit Chain Explorer will be reborn in time for the Orbit Chain hard fork and will continue to perform its original function as a blockchain…

Added 18 days ago

Atomic Swaps on Orbit Bridge

As one of the features of Orbit Chain is its scalability, developing an atomic swap function that allows the exchange of different blockchai…

Added 18 days ago

Native Coin Swaps

Native coin swaps are essentially similar to atomic swaps, but their target and direction are slightly different.

Added 18 days ago

Governance Renewal

Governance is the decision-making process by multiple people for operating a particular system

Added 18 days ago

UI/UX Improvements

Orbit Bridge UI/UX Improvements

Added 18 days ago
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