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Stellar (XLM) Calendar: Release Schedule, Listings, Hard Fork, Halving

During the whole time of Stellar monitoring, 177 events were added:
47 AMA sessions
35 meetups
30 exchange events
12 events related to testing of new functions
9 conference participations
8 events related to earnings
7 updates
6 partnerships
6 reports
5 releases
5 hard forks
3 general events
1 contest
1 event related to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)
1 announcement
1 branding event
June 11, 2024 UTC

Testnet Reset

Stellar will host a testnet reset on June 11th. The final step in this upgrade process will be a vote on the Mainnet upgrade, which is set to take pla…

Added 8 days ago
Past Events
April 2, 2024 UTC

AMA on X

Stellar will host an AMA on X with Cables Finance, which aims to bring foreign exchange to the blockchain. The event is scheduled to take place on Apr…

Added 1 month ago
March 20, 2024 UTC

Listing on will list Stellar (XLM) on March 20th.

Added 2 months ago
March 19, 2024 UTC

AMA on X

Stellar will host an AMA on X on March 19th at 18:00 UTC. Several teams, including Allbridge, Axelar Network, Cables Finance, and Beans App, are progr…

Added 2 months ago
February 29, 2024 UTC

AMA on X

Stellar will host an AMA on X on February 29th at 20:00 UTC.

Added 2 months ago
February 23, 2024 UTC

Partnership With Blockdaemon

Stellar has entered into a partnership with Blockdaemon, a company known for its blockchain infrastructure. This collaboration is aimed at supporting …

Added 3 months ago
February 18, 2024 UTC

Nairobi Meetup

Stellar’s team, led by Denelle Dixon, is scheduled to hold a meeting in Nairobi on February 18th. This is a chance to meet SDF leaders — including CEO…

Added 3 months ago
February 16, 2024 UTC

Lagos Meetup

Stellar’s team, led by Denelle Dixon, is scheduled to hold a meeting in Lagos, Nigeria on February 16th. This is a chance to meet SDF leaders — includ…

Added 3 months ago
February 13, 2024 UTC

Accra Meetup

Stellar’s team, led by Denelle Dixon, is scheduled to hold a meeting in Accra, Ghana on February 13th.

Added 3 months ago
February 7, 2024 UTC

AMA on X

Stellar will host an AMA on X about the future of Soroban. The conversation will feature Morgan Wilde, the founder of Okashi. The discussion is schedu…

Added 3 months ago
January 2024 UTC

Mainnet Upgrade

Stellar network validators have reached a consensus to conduct a vote on January 30th, regarding the mainnet upgrade to Protocol 20. This decision is …

Added 5 months ago
January 30, 2024 UTC

Software Upgrade

Stellar is preparing for a software upgrade, specifically for the Protocol 20 software. The readiness for this upgrade is set to be embraced on Januar…

Added 4 months ago
January 24, 2024 UTC

SCF’s Project Pitches

Stellar is hosting SCF’s Project Pitches on January 24th. The projects are based on Stellar and Soroban. The event is open to all enthusiasts of Stell…

Added 4 months ago
December 18, 2023 UTC

Testnet Reset

Stellar is set to undergo its final testnet reset of the year on December 18 at 17:00 UTC. The reset is a part of the protocol 20 upgrade process.

Added 5 months ago
October 30, 2023 UTC


Stellar will host an AMA where will share the quarter report for the third quarter. The session will be held on October 30th at 16:00 UTC. The review …

Added 6 months ago
October 24, 2023 UTC

Money2020 in Las Vegas

Stellar, in collaboration with SDF, MoneyGram, WisdomTree, Circle, and Arf, is hosting a breakfast session titled “Stellar: Where blockchain meets the…

Added 7 months ago
September 28, 2023 UTC

Meridian 2023 in Madrid

Idris Elba will take part at Meridian 2023 in Madrid, on September 26th, with the spotlight on real-world use cases, and a whole lot more

Added 11 months ago
September 22, 2023 UTC

Mainnet2023 in New York

Stellar will participate Mainnet2023 in New York on September 20th-22nd.

Added 8 months ago
September 20, 2023 UTC

Protocol Upgrade

Stellar is planning a major protocol upgrade. This significant update will introduce Soroban smart contracts to the Stellar network. The upgrade is sc…

Added 8 months ago

AMA on X

Stellar is preparing for the upcoming Meridian 2023 event. The preview of the event will be held on X on September 20th, featuring VP of ecosystem, Ju…

Added 8 months ago
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