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2.3 USD
343% from all time low
130% to all time high
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7.94B USD
309% from all time low
11% to all time high
42.7M USD
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Toncoin TON Events, News & Roadmap: Release Schedule, Listings, Hard Fork, Halving

During the whole time of Toncoin monitoring, 19 events were added:
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4 exchange events
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September 2023 UTC

TON Space Interface Launch

Toncoin is set to introduce the new TON Space interface, a non-custodial wallet that will be fully integrated with Telegram messenger. This new featur…

Added 12 days ago
Until September 30, 2023 UTC

ETH, BNB, BTC Bridge

Crosschain transfers of Bitcoin, ETH, and BNB to TON Blockchain.

Added 7 months ago


Built-in extra-currency technology for the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Added 7 months ago

Polygon Toncoin Bridge

Crosschain transfers of Toncoin between TON Blockchain and Polygon

Added 7 months ago
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