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VeChain (VET) Calendar: Release Schedule, Listings, Hard Fork, Halving

During the whole time of VeChain monitoring, 103 events were added:
36 AMA sessions
17 exchange events
16 conference participations
5 meetups
4 hard forks
4 releases
3 events related to testing of new functions
3 updates
3 partnerships
3 branding events
3 events related to earnings
2 general events
1 contest
1 announcement
1 event related to NFT and digital art
1 token swap
April 18, 2024 UTC

AMA on X

VeChain is set to introduce its newest dApp during an AMA on X on April 18th at 17:00 UTC.

Added 1 month ago
March 31, 2024 UTC

Mobile Wallet Deprecation

VeChainThor mobile wallet will be deprecated and become read-only from 31st March.

Added 1 month ago
February 28, 2024 UTC

MWC24 in Barcelona

VeChain is set to participate in the MWC24 2024 conference in Barcelona on February 28th at 11:00 UTC. The company will be joining other global enterp…

Added 3 months ago

Amsterdam Meetup

VeChain is planning to host a gathering in Amsterdam on February 28th. This event is intended to coincide with the Mobile World Congress (MWC). It is …

Added 3 months ago
January 18, 2024 UTC

AMA on X

VeChain will host an AMA on X on January 18th at 7:30 pm UTC. The discussion will provide insights from the teams involved in the audits and will shed…

Added 4 months ago
December 31, 2023 UTC

Wallet Transition

VeChain has announced that from December 31st, the VechainThor mobile wallet will switch to “storage-only” mode. This change is part of the transition…

Added 5 months ago
December 2023 UTC

dApp Explorer Launch

VeChain has revealed that a native dApp explorer is expected to be launched within December.

Added 5 months ago


VeChain is going to release Q1 2024 roadmap.

Added 5 months ago
December 17, 2023 UTC

AMA on X

VeChain will host an AMA on X on the 17th of December to provide updates on the project development.

Added 5 months ago
November 11, 2023 UTC

Australian Crypto Convention in Melbourne

VeChain’s representative, Antonio Senatore, is set to participate in the Australian Crypto Convention in Melbourne on November 11th. The convention wi…

Added 6 months ago
November 6, 2023 UTC

Partnership With AWorld

VeChain has announced a partnership with AWorld, the official platform supporting ACTNOW. This collaboration is set to launch sustainability challenge…

Added 6 months ago
November 4, 2023 UTC

Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai

VeChain’s representative is set to participate in the Cardano Summit 2023 which is taking place in Dubai on November 3rd. The discussion will be cente…

Added 6 months ago
October 10, 2023 UTC

Token Swap Termination

VeChain has announced the termination of its token swap service, which has been operational for over five years since the launch of its mainnet. The s…

Added 7 months ago
October 5, 2023 UTC

AMA on X

VeChain will host an AMA on X on the 5th of October. The event, dubbed “VeChainThorsday x ExoWorlds Web3-gaming”, will feature UFC ambassador Caio Bor…

Added 7 months ago
September 26, 2023 UTC

MWC Las Vegas in Las Vegas

VeChain’s CEO, Sunny Lu, is scheduled to speak at the MWC Las Vegas event on September 26th. During his presentation, Sunny Lu will discuss blockchain…

Added 8 months ago
September 14, 2023 UTC

Token2049 in Singapore

VeChain is set to participate in the upcoming Token2049 event in Singapore on September 14th. During the event, a representative from VeChain, will pr…

Added 8 months ago
September 2, 2023 UTC

Paris Meetup

VeChain is set to host a “Web3 for Sustainability” masterclass in Paris. The event is scheduled to start on the 2nd of September. The primary focus of…

Added 8 months ago
August 29, 2023 UTC

AMA on X

VeChain will host an AMA on X on August 29th. The discussion will revolve around the future of cryptocurrency and the role VeChain is expected to play…

Added 8 months ago
August 25, 2023 UTC

Rare Evo in Denver

VeChain is set to participate in the Rare Evo conference starting from August 24th. The cryptocurrency company will be involved in various activities …

Added 9 months ago
July 20, 2023 UTC


VeChain is set to participate in a online seminar titled “Chain of Trust: The Blockchain Revolution”. The seminar is a collaborative effort with David…

Added 10 months ago
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