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Zano Calendar: Release Schedule, Listings, Hard Fork, Halving

During the whole time of Zano monitoring, 17 events were added:
5 AMA sessions
3 reports
2 hard forks
2 exchange events
1 general event
1 contest
1 release
1 event related to testing of new functions
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March 15, 2024 UTC

Hard Fork

Zano is on the verge of implementing the Zarcanum hardfork ion March 15th. This significant update is expected to introduce several new features to th…

Added 4 months ago
Past Events
February 10, 2024 UTC

December and January Report

Zano has released its development update for December and January. The update highlights the progress made as the team approaches the release of the b…

Added 15 days ago
February 4, 2024 UTC

AMA on X

Zano will host an AMA on X with the CryptoGriffons on February 4th at 17:00 pm UTC. Following the introduction, the team will delve into specifics abo…

Added 25 days ago
December 29, 2023 UTC

Listing on MEXC

MEXC will list Zano (ZANO) on December 29th at 09:00 UTC.

Added 1 month ago
October 16, 2023 UTC

AMA on X

Zano will host an AMA on X on October 16th at 11:00 UTC. The focus of the discussion will be the Zarcanum hard fork and the new phase that the Zano pr…

Added 4 months ago
August 24, 2023 UTC

AMA on CoinEx X

Zano will attend an AMA by CoinEx on the 24th of August at 8:00 AM UTC. The discussion will revolve around cryptocurrency solutions. During the event,…

Added 6 months ago
July 27, 2023 UTC

AMA on Twitter

Zano will host an AMA on Twitter on July 27th at 15:00 UTC. The session will provide a general overview of the Zano project. Additionally, a prize poo…

Added 7 months ago
July 25, 2023 UTC

Testnet Launch

Zano has announced the launch of the beta version of its Zarcanum testnet. This new development allows users to send and receive confidential assets t…

Added 7 months ago
July 12, 2023 UTC

AMA on Twitter

Zano will take part in an AMA on Twitter along with Firo for an insightful discussion on Confidential Assets and their benefits and applications. This…

Added 7 months ago
June 13, 2023 UTC

Listing on CoinEx

ZANO will be listed on CoinEx

Added 8 months ago
May 15, 2023 UTC

Contest on Twitter

Take a part in a contest

Added 10 months ago
May 12, 2023 UTC

April Report

April report has been released

Added 9 months ago
May 3, 2023 UTC

March Report

March report has been released

Added 9 months ago
June 1, 2021 UTC

Hard Fork

Added 2 years ago
Until December 31, 2020 UTC

Atomic Swaps

Added 3 years ago
September 2020 UTC

Light Wallet

Added 3 years ago
2017-2024 Coindar