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Blockchain for Space in London, United Kingdom

07/17/2018T17:30 UTC Bitcoin: Blockchain for Space in London, United Kingdom
Starts on July 17, Tuesday 5:30 PM
Spacebit is hosting a meet-up with an opportunity to have a casual, non-committal conversation with your like-minded enthusiasts.

This event's goal is to explore the application of blockchain in the space industry, with the professionals of both industries taking a major part in the occasion

The meetup features free refreshments and drinks

Meetup will be followed by the event organised by the Royal Institution of Great Britain and the British Interplanetary Society and sponsored by Spacebit:

Moon, Mars and Beyond with Alfred Worden,
a legendary astronaut, Apollo 15. Don't miss your chance to meet him in person! Other presenters are Professor Chris Welch and Professor Stuart Eves
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