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Algorithm SHA256
Proof type PoW
Supply 17052137
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BTCA Airdrop to BTC Holders

09/09/2018T00:00 09/10/2018T00:00 UTC Bitcoin: BTCA Airdrop to BTC Holders
Starts on September 9, Sunday
The project is titled Anonymous Bitcoin (“BTCA”), and the Anonymous Bitcoin team intends to succeed where prior forks failed while also adding unique technology to already tried and true blockchains. The co-fork will occur using BTC and ZCL, to attain the new forked coin, Anonymous Bitcoin, an individual, would have to purchase either BTC or ZCL before the date of fork snapshot.
Event added 25 days ago. Changing the price after adding the event:
1 hour 0.88%
3 hours 1.27%
1 day 2.75%
2 days 2.56%
Now -18.22%
What will happen with the cryptocurrency after the event?
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